Described below are the benefits of our production analytics dashboard.

  • Production by Month: This graph will predict the production through turbines in each month.
  • Production by Time: This graph will represent the maximum production and achieved target.
  • Farms Service and Production Analysis: This graph will represent after replacing every turbine’s components, what will be the effect on the production of every turbine?. This also tells if a turbine is crossing the threshold value of that particular replacing component.
  • Expenses on farms: This graph will represent each turbine’s expenses if it exceeds the targeted value, then we have to pay attention to the other components.

End Customer Value

Main Value Addition: Based on a variable description of the business KPIs.

Description: Here, it will help the customer know about turbines’ performance at different times and dates and production status monthly. Through this, customers will reduce technician service visits, increase the main bearing’s life. By identifying turbines with high/low risk of grease problems, saving turbine material cost, increased Production Avoiding Id extended damage and reducing fines.