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Evaluating Right Time to Invest with Price Indices

Dr. Jagreet Kaur Gill | 30 Jun 2022

Challenges to find Right Time to Invest

While investing, real estate investors don't know the right time to invest in. Sometimes they postpone the investment and pay more as the property prices increase. Sometimes, they invest in a property with high prices now, which reduces in the future. Thus it is essential to evaluate the right time to invest in a property to save money. Moreover, they also need to check the future prices of properties by forecasting them. It will give us glimpses of future prices that could help us make decisions based on data and facts rather than guesswork.

Solutions for finding right time to Invest

In solution, we provide reports on property prices. Frequent reports on price and quantity movement help inventors assess the appropriate time to buy a property. At the same time, it assists sellers in knowing the most opportune moment to sell their assets.

What is Property Price Indices?

It will answer the questions that are obvious question comes in investor's minds:

  • What is the price index of property?
  • What are the changes in property prices in the last five years?
  • Which property's index is decreasing.
  • What is the difference in property price of the exact location or building?
  • Why is the property price index of property increasing or decreasing?

Dashboard for Property Price indices

User Story

  • The price index of properties and prices are increasing for most properties. Thus, the chances of rising property prices are higher; hence, currently, it is the right time to invest in a property.
  • The change in property price indices tells which property prices are increasing more and properties whose prices are minor. The change in property price indices of Property Id 6 is very high. So if you are thinking about investing here, it is the right time; otherwise, property costs will increase a lot.

End Customer Value

  • It gives the price indices of properties of the last three years. Similarly, it also provided a change in the prices of properties from the previous three years.
  • Moreover, it also gives the difference in price indices of properties.
  • It also gives the location-wise details of properties that the customer can choose.
  • After investing, the risk is always there as investors are not sure whether the property will pay them back or not. How will the prices of property change in the future?


Time and circumstances of any location can change the price in real estate, and the investment needs the far vision to calculate the future prices.

  • What will be property value in the coming years?
  • What types of properties are at risk of foreclosure?
  • How much will these economic changes impact the property value?
  • What will be the value of each residential property?

Dashboard for Forecasting

User Story

  • None of the property's prices will decrease in the future, so an investor can invest in any of these properties.
  • From the second visual, investors get to know that the prices of property id "8" will have high prices but low rental prices in the future thus, investing in this property is not much worthy. Yet Property Id "9" will have high rent prices in the future and low property values, so the investor can invest in this property if he wants to give this on rent and buy this property in the near future.

End Customer Value

It will give insight into property value for the future so that users know the right time to invest. They also got to know the property rent prices with market values to know whether they are increasing or decreasing.

Why XenonStack?

XenonStack will give you a demo that will provide you with a full-fledged analysis report consisting of dashboards and visuals that will help real estate investors evaluate property prices and changes in property prices that are coming from past times so that investors may get to the right time to invest in a property.

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