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AWS Continuous Integration and Deployment for Drupal Applications

Gursimran Singh | 21 Feb 2017

Complete Overview of Drupal

Drupal is a platform for web content management across global enterprises and governments. It is flexible and highly scalable. Drupal supports advanced configuration management. Features of Drupal 8.6 involve -
  • Support of MultiLingual Translations
  • Stable Migrate Drupal and Drupal UI modules
  • CSV support
  • RollBack functionality
  • Full Decoupling
  • User-Friendly, Drag and Drop Interface
  • Replication and Conflict Management
  • Bulk File Uploads
  • OAuth2 Authentication
  • JSON API Module
  • Stable Version of Layout Builder

Challenges for Enabling Continuous Deployment for Drupal on AWS

  • To make the Software Release Process Automated by Continuous Deployment to AWS Production.
  • Use Drupal on Cloud as compared to traditional physical servers.

Solution Offered for Building Continuous Delivery Platform

  • Continuous delivery is a development practice where code changes are automatically built, tested, and released to production.
  • It expands upon Continuous Integration by deploying all code changes to a testing/production environment after the build stage.
  • Continuous Delivery flow in the Production Environment.
  • Merge Request made for release to Master Branch.
  • Merge Request approved by the Admin.
  • Checkout made to the Master Branch.
  • Pull the Latest Code in the Workplace.
  • Migrate Database to Update.
  • Restart Apache Service.
  • Deploy new code successfully on the Production environment.

Overview of Building Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications bridge the gap between mobile and web applications. It works for every user regardless of browser choice built with progressive enhancement. Automatically adjustable to any form and available instantly. It allows installing website as an application served via HTTPS to ensure secure content delivery. It is linkable having push notifications and does not require complicated installation having backend framework and connectivity.

Real-Time Progressive Web Applications

  • Twitter
  • Housing
  • Uber and OLA
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Hotel Booking
  • Online Retail

Progressive Web Applications Benefits

  • Low Data Usage
  • No Updates Required
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Network Independent
  • Platform and Device Agnostic

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