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Microsoft Azure Managed Services to Deliver Business Efficiency

Transform your Cloud with Azure Managed Services

Azure Cloud Management services enable enterprises around the globe to achieve seamless digital transformation, infrastructure automation & optimization, data intelligence capabilities, and continuous monitoring & security management for ensuring high performance, resources & cost optimization, and uncompromised security and compliance.


Continuous Security Management

Developing an effective security strategy that ensures 24/7 Endpoint Protection, Intrusion Detection, and Prevention Management capabilities.


Cloud Optimization

Connect with our Specialists to optimize, configure and decrease administration expenses for ongoing applications.


Infrastructure Monitoring

Enabling streamlined administration of deployed applications and platforms centered around decreasing downtime.

Azure Cloud Migration and Modernisation Services

Migrate and modernize diverse cloud workloads in line with your business goals and planned expenditure to improve operational efficiency.


Azure Managed Services




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    Managed Security

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      Basic Monitoring

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      24 x 7 Support




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    All Standard features

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      Managed Backup Full and Daily Snapshots

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      Managed Operating System Patches and Updates, Hardening, Configuration and Tuning




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    All Standard and Pro features

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      Application Monitoring and Response CPU, RAM, Disk IO, URL, and Application metrics

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      Advanced Enterprise Analytics and Dashboard

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Azure Managed Cloud services for Enterprise


Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Solutions

azure managed cloud services for simplifying Infrastructure Management across on-premises, cloud and edge environments.


Solutions to simplify IoT application development, security, edge and Industrial and digital twin applications.

Build advanced ML models with open AI and manage production workflows at scale using cognitive.

Solutions for Cloud Native Security Operations for vulnerability management , threat analytics and Continuous Security.

Transform your data into actionable insights and Enable Cloud Analytics with Big Data Analytics Solutions.

Azure Cloud Solutions Offerings

Bring agility and modern approach to digital transformation.


Multicloud Solutions

build resilient architectures and leverage Auto Scaling capability for optimizing cost and performance.


AI Solutions

accelerate end-to-end machine learning development lifecycle and managing production workflows at scale using cognitive.


Data Solution

Empower Big Data Solutions for Implementing Data Lake Strategy and real-time data integration and management.

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IT Infrastructure Management



AWS Managed Services to empowering Enterprises For Resilience and Reliability to accelerate cloud migration and strengthen compliance and security.


DevOps Managed Services for enterprises to facilitate automated security alerts, single click deployments, and ensure effective software delivery.

Managed infrastructure services to streamline critical IT infrastructure – systems, storage & network, policies & processes, and operations run efficiently.


 Kubernetes managed services for faster application deployment and provisioning to drive continuous application delivery with guaranteed cluster availability in complex environments.