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Workplace Analytics Benefits and its Use Cases | The Complete Guide

Dr. Jagreet Kaur Gill | 27 April 2023

Workplace Analytics Benefits and its Use Cases

What is Workplace Analytics?

Let's Take Action to make the workplace productive. "Deep Dive into data and improve the workplace's productivity by taking actions." A solution for workplace analytics to improve workplace productivity and safety.

No doubt this solution will change the whole environment, but we must also take supplementary benefits of the technology if it is helping us to become more efficient. Now, we will talk about the business benefits of video analytics in the workplace besides safety. It will discuss key insights that help the organization and stakeholders take accurate actions and make data-driven decisions using the solution. Moreover, some benefits can add more value to the process. The data-driven approach of our solution makes it more fact-based and helps to provide Reasonable AI.

The business operations that required human interactions for data collection, training, etc. Are now being substituted with technological solutions such as video analytics. Video Analytics: Transforming Data Into An Asset

What is Productivity Analytics?

Based on the statistical data collected during the analysis, productivity analysis is performed to identify areas for potential productivity improvement projects. The analysis also identifies areas of delay and interruption that cause productivity loss.

The availability of reliable data from the productivity analysis also allows for the following outcomes:

  • Goals for increasing productivity must be established.
  • Non-value-added activities must be phased out immediately.
  • The ability to estimate potential savings based on the results of the analysis.

What are the benefits of Workplace Analytics?

Listed below are the benefits of the Workplace Analytics solution:

  • Control Management System: Overall tracking of various cases and making data-driven decisions increase the control over the system and make it more reliable and efficient.
  • Reasonable: The system helps to make reasonable decisions. There is a proper reason for the actions; in other words, it is fact-based rather than focusing on myths.
  • Theft: Proper security and tracking reduce the chance of theft at the workplace.
  • Security: It detects anomalies in its frequencies. Accordingly, making an appropriate decision that leads to anomalies increases people's security.
  • Productivity: It increases the employees' productivity by recommending proper breaks and timing employees.
  • Proactive Monitoring and Hazardous Alerts: It properly monitors the crowd and its behavior, thus alerting and taking actual actions.
  • Optimized Decision Making: Improve the decision-making for the making and streamline the process.
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What are the use cases of Workplace Analytics?

The result is driven by the solution shown. Using Video Surveillance Dashboards, we can track the environment and measure its health. Now, let’s discuss taking action and making decisions using those charts.

  • Total Visit
  • Total Unauthorized Visits
  • Unauthorized visit schedule
  • Unauthorized vs. Authorized visits
  • Crowd management

Total Visit

While looking for visits by the day, the building owner noticed a dramatic change in the number of people visiting in October. Yet he knows that if there is no seminar, conference, or other function in the same month, how can dramatically change visits? Recommended Actions:

  • To check if any organization arranges an event without their permission.
  • To check that the system is working accurately.

Total Unauthorized Visits

While looking for visits by the day, the building owner noticed a dramatic change in the number of people visiting in October. Yet he knows that if there is no seminar, conference, or other function in the same month, how can dramatically change visits? Recommended Actions: 

  • They must tighten security.
  • The video/rule sessions can be arranged in those months for the visitors.

Unauthorized Visit Schedule

On Tuesday, there was a dramatic change in the number of unauthorized people visiting. Because most organizations are arranging Tuesday interviews, this increase can increase the crowd. Recommended Actions:

  • Discussion can be done with the various organizations to arrange an interview on other weekdays rather than only Tuesdays. As otherwise, it is an increasing crowd in the building.

Unauthorized vs. Authorized Visits

While comparing authorized and unauthorized visits for today, the building owner has noticed that the number of unauthorized visits is more than authorized; after that owner checks for the other days. He saw that the number of unauthorized persons is coming more than authorized daily, as shown in the charts, which is probably impossible. Then, the owner cross-checks with the organizations individually for the visits and notices the data mismatch. It means the system is not working correctly. Recommend Action: 

  • Use an Explainable AI dashboard for the system to work.
  • If found any fault, ask for the maintenance of the AI system.

Crowd Management

A threshold for the people count in areas is already decided. While checking for the crowd at different times, it was noticed that at 11:00 AM, the total number of people at the cafeteria increased more than 2x from the required people count. It is because almost all organizations have the same break time that increases the crowd. Recommended Actions:

  • An owner must discuss with the various organization to design a break schedule group-wise in slots rather than overcome it.
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Workplace Analytics helps to have a data-driven overview of how work patterns affect well-being, business performance, and productivity. It allows employees to work smarter and achieve balance using flexible programs designed to help teams. Also, enhancing safety through proper security and tracking reduces the chance of theft at the workplace.