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Top 10 User Interface (UI) Design Trends in 2022

Navdeep Singh Gill | 27 Jul 2022

User Interface Design Trends

What is User Interface Design?

It is the process in which Designers create a visual in a computerized software or a device for the Client or End Customer so that they can understand the design or visual easily without any confusion. UI design refers to the Graphical User Interface and other forms like Voice Controlled Interfaces.

The process designers create user interfaces in software or digital devices, emphasising aesthetics or style.Click to explore about our, Principles of User Interface Design

What are the various types of User Interface?

The various types of user interfaces include:

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

In simple terms, the graphical user interface allows users to interact with electronic devices through icons and symbols.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

In simple terms, the User Interacts with the machine with the help of some commands on the terminal/ platform on which the Command line supports. For example. They are pushing code through Terminal into gitlab.

Menu-Driven User Interface

Menu Driven User Interface provides the user with multiple command options on the same screen or popup so that the user can perform actions accordingly.

The best example is ATM -( Automatic Teller Machine ). In this case, the user dont have to remember the flow, but automatically with the help of menu driven process user can initiate the transaction without anyone's help.

Touch User Interface

As the name says, Touch User Interface, so whenever the user performs the actions through a touch sensor, it is considered a touch user interface.

The best example is Smartphones.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

In this case, the user interacts with the UI based on the user's voice. For example, Alexa or Google Voice Assistant. Whenever a user wants to Act, they will say that command, which will be performed.

Example: Hey Siri, Please play songs.

Form-Based User Interface.

Form-based user interfaces are those in which users have to fill in some details for processing—for example, Linkedin, Facebook, Google - Gmail.

The process of creating products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users and enhancing user satisfaction/ experience.Click to explore about our, User Experience Design

Top 10 Latest User Interface Design Trends Followed in 2022

The latest User Interface Design trends to be followed in 2022 are listed below:


The most trending mode of the decade is Darkmode, as it saves the battery and Eyeside of the Users. Most designers are shifting to the Dark Model-based User Interface, and even developers are working under the dark mode of IDE / Code Editor tools.

Usecase: Most users are shifting to the dark mode feature so they can quickly work at night, and research has shown that dark mode is better for the eye side than the vivid screen reflection on Human Eye.

Minimalise and Simplification

Top-class designers focus on the minimalism and simplification of User interfaces with limited text contrast, color palette, and space throughout the website. It has been a result that most users feel it pleasant rather than the multiple color website.

Brutalism ( And the return of the flat)

Most websites use dark and enormous fonts and dark neon colors to make an image in the user's mind and will be stuck in the user's mind. Now, if the Designer is forcing the user to be stuck in mind, this terminology is known as Brutalism, where the design is not at all comfortable and convenient to the user but is still trendy.

The best example of this trend is Portfolio Website.

Design System and Library

In earlier days, the design system and the library was only suggested or suitable for more prominent companies in the industry. Still, after the tools like Adobe XD, Figma, and sketch, almost every company adopts the design system and library method. As the Designer has to share the link with the teammates, and here you go, you can discuss it with your team and stakeholders. These tools allow designers to create uniform websites, dashboards, or application components.

Glassmorphism and Glass-Inspired Elements

This design trend is gaining popularity daily as many companies use this for their interactive designs. Just with the use of light colors or dark colors, you can give the 3d effect to your design. It makes the background look blur and enhances the element of the Component.

Conversational user interfaces are the user interfaces that help humans to interact with computers using Voice or text.Click to explore about our, Principles of Conversational User Interfaces

Aurora Backgrounds

In 2022, aurora background is the design in which backgrounds are getting blurred with the gradient color pattern.

Bold and Wild Typography

As typography impacts the overall design vision, in 2022, most designers will focus on bold and wild typography rather than the basic one as it gains the user's attention.

NFTs and Democratisation of Art

We all know that in 2022, NFTs were in everyone's mind, and most NFT designers are now millionaires. It is not just only an art, but it is the digital token by which we can trade in terms of digital assets—for example, Images, Art, Memes, music, and Many More. NFT stands for'Non Fungible Token'.

A Glimpse into Metaverse and Art

Virtual reality and metaverse are prevalent nowadays. With the help of VR devices, it is making more significant and bold moves into the gaming industry. Even designers know that Metaverse's gaming industry has incredible potential. So many designers are focused on the design with the collaboration of technology companies that are into metaverse. The biggest example is Facebook and Its designers.

Story Telling

Storytelling is an art in which Creators are telling the bigger vision of the company with the help of their visuals. Storytelling is not easy, and designers must create a flow with their skills. Storytelling is very important nowadays. The user is educated now and needs a justification for why I am here.

Biggest Example: Adobe, Figma

Mobile First Design

Currently, 85% of the traffic is on Mobile, so the biggest challenge for the industry is that they have to design with a minimalistic approach for the multiple device ratios. Better the application or website, better the engagement for the company's Growth. So designers have been shifting to mobile-first design rather than the website for the last few years as mobile applications are rapidly growing.

Java vs Kotlin
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In conclusion, we can conclude that Designers should be aware of the latest trends and design to compete with the real world. So same is for developers as well. Developers should focus on the trends which are shifting towards the new approaches. The year 2022 is all about speed, simplicity, and scalability. We can assume that 2023 will be all about mobile designs.