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Low-Code Development Future and its Platforms

Navdeep Singh Gill | 29 Dec 2022

Low-Code Development

Introduction to Low-code Development

Software development is a lengthy and complex task. Due to complex application coding, it becomes tough to understand and customize the application and its environment. With the help of Low code development, there is no need to have high coding skills. A logical mindset helps to design a perfect and reliable project with low code. Moreover, the Low code development technique saves developer time. It is the era of science and technology.

The world started relying on Artificial Intelligence and the robotic process where human intervention is not needed. Many efficient software developers need to build AI or automated systems. But low-code development needs basic programming knowledge, and one can develop well-customized software. In it, software development is possible with less code or without any coding. Its platforms are collections of software tools that allow developers to develop apps with customized graphical user interfaces (GUI).

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Low-code development future

  • As development is possible with less coding or no coding, then any software product development time will be reduced compared as it will save hte time of writing code. Instead, the same time could be used for making more optimized logic.
  • All business organizations, even software development companies, will move to its platforms that show that companies can deliver maximum productivity in minimum time.
  • To perform a specific set of activities on the app, one will use python or low code/no code so that within a short time, reading and decoding can be possible.

What are its advantages?

  • It reduces the required cost to develop a software product.
  • The product development phase completes faster than natural development techniques (with coding) with a low-code development platform, as the platform is a collection of tools.
  • It also improves the user experience.
  • Every company tries to hire only a few developers as companies spend a large amount of money yearly. If a company starts developing products with the low code platform, then with few developers, the company will be able to develop products timely. And the money spent on employees will also decrease. So, low-code development will save the company money.
  • If a company starts working with it will decrease over 50% of its timeline. In such a way, its technology will save time also.
  • It will allow the human workforce to spend their time on activities that require the human brain and decision-making.
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Low-code AI development in real life

Below is a list of a few use cases of low-code AI development in real life -

Process Automation

Low code development increases efficiency. It also makes it possible to reach goals faster. Low code development makes data analysis easier. It provides drag and drops features. Hence a user can drag and drop an already-built model for analysis. As models are built in low code development tools, an application has zero error possibility. In real life, many platforms are available that give the facility to develop low code. Applications automated with low code execute faster than naturally (with coding instead of package use) built applications.

Digital Twins of Business Operations

Businesses run expensive operations daily that incur a loss. Using low code, companies or organizations can simulate those processes in minimum time with minimal cost. For example, using low-code machine learning app development is possible. Such an application can be a suitable replacement for other machine learning apps that use the same.

Microservices-based solutions

Amazon, Netflix, and many other companies implement low-code microservices for big data applications. Low code development gives great success to companies using low code for development. Low-code microservices can be used to develop modular web applications. With this, enterprises can develop a suite of micro-applications that can incorporate each other using open services.

Real-Time Business Insights Dashboard

It helps developers to embed analytics components by automating possible analysis patterns into libraries. Low code provides facilities to integrate solutions and provide users with helpful business insights. It also provides all the facilities to analyze with its vibrant tools collection.

Compelling data visualization and visual analytics apps

Data visualization represents numerical values with visuals and insights into this information in a human-understandable format. This platform is a collection of tools; that gives a successful visual implementation with enhanced storytelling capabilities.

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What are the best Low code platforms?

Each low-code platform follows different approaches. The few most used low-code platforms are below -

RAD(Rapid Application Development) Studio

It is one of the best low-code development platforms supported by every operating system, like Windows, macOS, and Linux. Here, application implementation is possible for all major platforms with less code; once code is written, it will compile anywhere. RAD server reduces the complexity of continuous project deployment also. RAD Studio is also well known because of smart code navigation.


It is another one of the best low-code development platforms. Using it, even non-technical developers can build software products quickly. Mobile app developer tools help to develop native IOS and Android applications from scratch. For developing and testing in both phases, coding is not needed.


It is another low-code development platform. It provides users drag and drop facility that makes the Mendix platform more useful. It provides a secure platform to its user with encryption. Mendix builds on the AWS and Azure cloud, making Mendix platform products run anywhere.

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With time day by day use of technology increased. All human beings are dependent on technology. In such conditions, timely development of software product completion is necessary. For that reason, efficient software developers are highly needed. And in the future use of 'low-code / no-code development' demand will increase more. And low code is a platform where less code needs to develop software. That's why even those who could be more efficient in coding can implement good software products. With time, the use of low-code development platforms will increase. Companies may hire non-programmers also and with a low-code / no-code development platform. As a low-code development platform is a collection of tools, and these tools provide drag-and-drop features, the use of low-code is straightforward. Everyone learns low-code development as low-code development's future scope increases daily.