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Databricks and XenonStack | Are Now Strategic Partners

Navdeep Singh Gill | 30 Sep 2022

Databricks and XenonStack

About the Partnership

XenonStack and Databricks are strategic partners enabling us to provide significant customer benefits. This partnership accelerates the digital transformation and modernization of platforms and applications in enterprises. We help our customers build robust, secure, and unified analytics solutions to mitigate pain points of data transformation with cost-optimized data resources. We bring the expertise, scale, and technology to deliver desired business outcomes at a global level.

Our Services

  • Platform Modernization with Databricks - Migrate from on-premises to a cloud data lake for operational efficiency.
  • Data Engineering with Databricks - Scale and Orchestrate Reliable Production workflows efficiently with its Batch and Streaming WorkFlows on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform with Xenonstack's support for software development best practices.
  • Enterprise Machine Learning Adoption with Databricks - Empower ML teams with smooth data preparation, cross-team collaboration, and standardization of the full ML lifecycle from experimentation to production with XenonStack and Databricks Data Lakehouse.
  • AWS Cloud Integration - With the combined expertise of AWS and Databricks, quick start for IT infrastructure architecture to leverage Databricks APIs for creating its Workspaces, Job Clusters, etc., on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.
  • Databricks Professional Services - Databricks and XenonStack services help an organization in its journey of data and AI. Organizations get success and fast delivery of rapid success on projects with world-class data engineering, data science, and project management expertise.

Key Benefits

  • Data Migration Services to Databricks Platform Consult and Implement with certified and trained XenonStack and Databricks Experts.
  • Minimize risk and maximize value at each step of data strategy and implementation with an optimized solution and best-in-class platform architecture.
  • Support for multi-cloud management support to meet future enterprise's data and advanced analytics demands.

About Databricks

It is a Data + AI company. In 2013, the creators of Apache Spark™, Delta Lake, and MLflow founded it. It is headquartered in San Francisco with offices worldwide and hundreds of global partners, including Microsoft, Amazon, Tableau, Informatica, and more. They are on a mission to simplify and democratize data and AI, helping data stewards solve the world's most challenging problems.

It is built on a modern Lake House architecture in the cloud and combines the best data warehouses and lakes to offer an open and unified platform for data and AI. Currently, more than five thousand organizations worldwide rely on the Databricks platform to enable massive-scale data engineering and science, full-lifecycle ML, and business analytics.

About XenonStack

We are a Cloud Native and Data Intelligence Company and provide technology consulting and services that futurity businesses by leveraging cloud-native and AI to deliver data-centric experiences. Our services include Technology Consulting and Digital Platform Strategy, Assessment and remediation, Development and Implementation, and Digital Operations ( Managed Services, SRE, Observability ). We cater to all the industries that want to transform themselves digitally. Currently, we have a strong presence in the USA and UAE. We are a 120+strong team with the craftsmanship and an engineering approach while focusing on enterprise agility and security. With Xenonstack, organizations get end-to-end solutions driven by data and outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The below highlighted are the FAQ's:

What is Databricks Lake House?

The Databricks Lakehouse Platform combines the best elements of data lakes and warehouses to deliver governance and reliability. Databricks Lakehouse Platform gives the performance of data warehouses with the openness, flexibility, and ML support of data lakes.

What is the difference between a data lake and a Lake House?

The data lakehouse is an upgraded version of the data lake that taps its advantages, such as openness, fast data access, and cost-effectiveness, while mitigating its weaknesses. It increases the reliability and structure of the data lake by infusing the best warehouse. Know more in length about data lake vs. Lake House.

Is Databricks Lakehouse open source?

Yes, Databricks Lakehouse is built on open- source open standards.

What is the Data Lakehouse used for?

A low-cost, High Performance, Reliable Storage repository is primarily used by data scientists, business analysts, product managers, and other end users.