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Generative AI for  Smart Cities 

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Generative AI for Public Safety

Generative AI delivers Industry Leading Solutions for Improving Public Safety by Using Top AI Methods and Techniques to Improve Public Safety and Utilizing ML and Deep Neural Networks for Better Decision Prediction. Cognitive technology can augment human capabilities in disasters, emergencies, epidemics, and crime, allowing public health and safety professionals to protect us more effectively.

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    Accelerate response time of emergency vehicles

  • XenonStack Smarter Approach image

    Creating a Smarter approach for public health

  • XenonStack Robotic Bomb Detection Image

    Robotic Bomb Detection and Deactivation Drone-based Surveillance

  • XenonStack AI Sensor vehicles Image

    Develop AI-sensor vehicles to prevent accidents

  • XenonStack Credit Card Fraud Image

    Credit-Card fraud and Cyber-Crimes

  • XenonStack robo Guards Image

    Emergency Assistance Posts in campus, parks, railway stations, visiting places etc

How is Generative AI Improving Public Safety?

Enabling Generative AI based Solutions for Smart City Operations and Intelligent Transport Systems.

Evidence-based insights

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Emergency Alert Messages and Public Alerting System, Crisis and Incident Response Tracking, Pervasive Intelligence, Safety Connections, Smart Notifications, Passenger Information and Self - Services, Chat and Voice Escalation.

Smart Parking

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In-ground Parking sensors eliminate distractions, reduces parking time, better space management, reduces traffic fatalities and crash-related congestions. Cloud-based management dashboard for parking optimization and Crypto Wallet payments for parking.

Real-Time Video Analytics

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Critical Facility, Safety, and Security supercharge surveillance, wearable cameras, Event Detection, and Prediction. Crowd Monitoring, Personnel, and Asset Tracking, Real-Time Video Content Analytics.

Features of Enabling Generative AI for Safety

Generative AI solutions for building Smart Mobility and Smart Public Facilities Systems.

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Smart Energy

It involves Smart Grid Automation and Flexible Distribution, Smart Metering Management and Demand Response, Renewable Integration and MicroGrid, Real-Time Smart Grid Software, Gas Distribution Management.

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Smart Mobility

AI-enabled Electronic Vehicle charging infrastructure, Supervision Services, Traffic Management, Tolling and Congestion Charging, Integrated Mobility involving Public Transit and Traveler Information.

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Smart Water

Solutions Leveraging AI for Distribution Management and Leak Detection, Control and Security systems integration, StormWater Management and Urban Flooding, Disaster Management and Calamity Control Systems, Drought Management, and Predictions.

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Smart Public Facilities

Public Safety involving Video Surveillance, Emergency Management, Digital City Services, E-Government, Education, Healthcare and Tourism, Street Lighting Management.

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Smart Cities

High-Performance Buildings, Energy Efficiency, and Security Solutions, Energy Services, Efficient Homes involving Home Energy Management, Connections to Smart Grids.

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Smart Connections

Integrated City Management Platforms, Energy and Environmental Management Information Systems, Weather Intelligence, Security Systems and Management, Process Management Systems and Integrated Architecture

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29 March 2023

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