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Collaboration among Data Engineers, Data Scientists & Business Analytics


DataOps _

DataOps is emphasizes communication, collaboration, integration, automation and monitoring between data engineers, data scientists and after data professionals.

DataOps require administrators and engineers to leverage next generation technologies and accomodate diverse workloads in order to achive agility as a devops delivery pipeline.

Need For DataOps _

  • Big Data WorkLoads are diverse .
  • Need for running Data - Driven application On-Premises & Hybrid Cloud .
  • Speed & Agility for real time Analytics .

Case for CI / CD / DevOps _

  • Collaboration & Communication between data engineers, data scientists, business analysts & operator.
  • Integration of different data points & testing of critical jobs .
  • Complex Infrastructure Stack & Multiple Distributed System .
  • De-Coupling Cluster Operations .
  • Scaling, Monitoring & Deployment .
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery part of Delivery Process .

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