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2020 Calendar of XenonStack - From Covid Crisis to Creating New Benchmarks

Dr. Jagreet Kaur Gill | 26 December 2020

How the 2020 Calendar Started?

The 2020 Calendar of XenonStack kicked off with a basket of achievements. We became “ Silver Member of Cloud Native Computing Foundation,” “ Silver Member of The Linux Foundation,” and “ Kubernetes Certified Service Provider.And then came the time when Covid-19 shook the world and had put the world to stand still.

Covid-19 has been an equalizer in many ways. It made the corporate world take a closer look at how to deal with such times. Covid-19 had thrown a curveball at the business. The situation only proposed a few solutions, Either Act or Just Give Up. Pandemic indeed was a difficult time for everyone across the world. However, it enlightened us with our strengths.

Our people and we Responded, Acted, and thereby Thrived.

Evolving a company's culture to embrace transformations, new ways of working and thinking was perhaps the hardest challenge for any organization to face in the 2020 calendar for any business. At XenonStack, we never settle at one milestone. Rather, we strive to achieve the next one while on the journey to the present one.

What did We do as a Counter-attack?

Concentrating on creating an environment to foster change unprecedentedly like Covid-19 was definitely critical but not too uncomfortable. Historical events, including the current Covid-19 pandemic, have changed the way businesses function forever. At XenonStack, we’ve witnessed many changes this year. We’ve transformed the way we work to ensure our teams are ready for disruption at any given time. Since the inception of XenonStack, we have never shied away from any change. In fact, we are always ready to promote change within the organization and outside the organization. We are all slaves of our habits.
“You Can Develop Any Habit Or Thought Or Behavior That You Consider Desirable Or Necessary.” - Brian Tracy, American-Canadian Motivational Speaker
At XenonStack, we watch our Habits because we tend to control the outcomes.

Our Journey Since

Transformation is a continuous journey. It’s a process that takes place daily to change how we work, think, and develop. We always aim to transform our capabilities, expertise, and people.

What Went New in Our 2020 Calendar

Years ago, we anticipated that the future of technology would require a radical change, which is why we have always been proactive in bringing new ways, tools, techniques to the system. This year, On the “people” side, we were tasked with transforming our people's organizational culture quickly. Enabling our people with learning tools and adopting the latest technology platforms were not challenging because we had already been using them.

What Changed at XenonStack?

On the technology side, it changed our product release cadence from over a year to as little as a few weeks, and we supported our customers’ at the velocity needed. By quickly reacting to the crisis and adopting new ways with our existing set of tools and know-how in our product development process, we moved quickly to help our customers keep millions of their customers connected. We pushed ourselves and observed opportunities to launch the best versions and new ones in our product suite. From a customer journey perspective, we offered quick solutions and altered the way we solve problems.

Action Plan Behind Successful 2020 Calendar for Us

Any business transformation is a significant leap of faith. With our constant change mentality, we kept the ground for opportunities and prepared us for all the ambiguity whatever pandemic had to offer. Thus, each of the visible – or unseen – threats that the coronavirus brought required instant and proactive action, as well as continuous monitoring of the situation’s development. As a result, we had to set clear priorities translated into a detailed and agile response strategy for that to happen. There are some basic steps all businesses can follow to develop a reliable crisis response Mechanism.

PeopleOps and their Significance

In the face of the unprecedented challenges that the Covid-19 crisis imposed on the businesses, our PeopleOps became the primary guardians of the people's health and safety. The PeopleOps team played a key role in covering several fronts such as ensuring the workforce's wellbeing, leading the communications between the various functions, and developing work-from-home policies & processes, thereby preserving as many jobs as possible. Consequently, our PeopleOps team was forced to navigate unexplored waters, regardless of how smooth things were running before. For PeopleOps, the pandemic provided an unparalleled opportunity to work even more closely with the business and solidify themselves as true business partners to their internal colleagues. And they did stand out in the crowd, didn’t they?

Paradigms and Learnings Shift

Unexpectedly, the pandemic has favored the paradigm shift and generated numerous learning opportunities for all organization levels. Until a few months ago, the idea of having all employees working from home, enabling businesses to operate “as usual” seemed unreal. However, the Covid-19 has acted as a catalyst to demystify this idea.

The pandemic has provided numerous learnings in terms of how our leadership reacts to the crisis.

Our Leaders demonstrated their capacity to adapt to the new circumstances. They boosted their creativity to solve problems they had never faced before, as well as their agility to make quick decisions with limited information and assuming risks that they were not used to taking. It became crucial for us to provide our leaders with absolute backup, dispensing them with the required data to make the best possible decisions based on three guiding principles: Our People’s Interest, Productivity Management & Customer Satisfaction.

Communication in Crisis Processes

Pandemic Communication has become a pertinent tool to reach out and be close to people. Sharing clear and consistent messages has proven crucial to have a more positive impact on the work environment. So, we created internal communication campaigns to sensitize all the organization levels about each function, and the individual's relevance plays relevance to ensure the business’s continuity & success. The key challenge was to ensure that people feel considered and valued by providing them with emotional support. To avoid emotional burnouts, we enhanced the frequency of townhalls and engagement sessions. This enabled them to orient people with changing times and equipping them with internal strength.

People Analytics in 2020 Calendar of XenonStack

Our PeopleOps team also highlighted the relevance of understanding the worries, anxieties, and feelings of the people at XenonStack promptly for which they applied to people-analytics meetings. The information generated chronically through these meetings is being taken to the war rooms for the discussions, analysis, and decision-making processes, primarily to evaluate and, if required, recoursing the way the leadership is communicating with the rest of the organization.

Are We Ready For The Future?

Awaiting many more achievements with a more positive and Productive environment, our Teams are Ready to Take up another leap of Faith and Deliver the Best In Class Services to our Customers. As a result, We go on a never-ending Journey…! XenonStack and Its People are on a Mission to Solve For Customers and Add Value...!