Automating Telecom Industry Using AI Analytics Platform

Why Telecom Analytics is necessary?

In the Telecom industry sectors, the customer’s primary requirement is to get the service’s excellent service performance before investing in their organization. Customers also want to know about predicting the revenue, sales, and growth of the industry through which they get ideas. Further, the customer wants to get detailed insights about the sectors and their performance with the usages and market shares. Machine learning models help them predict year-to-year growth and sales. Therefore data analytics in the telecom industry is necessary.


  • With Xenonstack Support, one can build an accurate and predictive model on real-time data to better understand the revenue, consumer monthly, and the Telecom industry’s growth and performance.
  • As a result, we have given a demo of dashboards for reference; you will be confident after getting the revenue results, churn rate.
  • The user will also quickly get the status of the telecom industry churn rate. Using this model, the user can quickly get information about the telecom industry’s overall analysis here; data sources will get from the telecommunication industry like BSNL, Reliance, JIO, etc.

Why Xenonstack?

Click on the button and request us to give you the demo of our Machine Learning model to show you the services, revenue, and growth status. Our model will provide you an accurate model to get the overall data analysis of the telecom industry. The customer gets the market share status, etc., by applying the model with narrative addition.

Dashboard for Telecom Analytics

Telecom Analytics Dashboards

Telecom Industry Dashboard

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