Big Data Analytics Platform for Education Application

Building E-Learning Analytics Platform


Big Data is carving Educational Sector to study through software, receive instant feedback, student’s behavior and results. Big Data Analytics Platform in E-Learning concentrates on the use of data to leverage training results. With the usage of powerful tools such as predictive analysis, multi-source knowledge mapping, and machine learning, it is likely to design a system that provides individual Learning Analytics needs. Incorporating analytics with online learning results in a more extensive and in-depth evaluation of pupils. Big Data Analytics impacts education in various ways –


  • Career Predictions and Recruitment Strategies
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • Agile Decision-Making
  • Better Learning Experience
  • Data-Driven Organisation


E-Learning Platform provides teachers and students to connect online providing a virtual classroom to teach thousands of students at the same time.

Challenges for Building Real-Time Analytics Platform


  • Build a Real-Time Analytics Platform to analyze the performance of students involving daily attendance, the presence of student during regular online sessions, marks of students in various tests conducted.
  • Tracking of daily and weekly performance by students in Real-Time using the Platform.


Solution Offering for an E-Learning Platform


  • E-Learning platform built using Microservices architecture having tables logically divided into multiple databases to perform management, scaling, load management, database for different parts of the E-Learning platform.
  • Build a data warehouse to migrate tables of all databases into the data warehouse and build analytics platform on it.


Steps to Build Platform


  • Data Ingestion Using Apache Nifi
  • Generate Apache Kafka Event
  • Real-Time Aggregation using Apache Spark Streaming
  • Daily and Weekly Apache Spark Jobs
  • Analytics Dashboard
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