Description of Analytics Dasboard

  • This dashboard shows which character helps most attract maximum customers and retention rate and engagement rate.
  • The stacked bar chart shows that video preference is based on the language.

End Customer Value

  • Main Value Addition: This Dashboard wilhelpor the customer know about the performance of their particular character of the show.
  • Description: Through this, the customer will get to know about the performance of different show characters, and this will also represent English as the most preferred language for this particular show.

Summarized Dashboard

In the video analytics, the customer requirement to get the top shows’ details from different-different locations. Through that the customer summarized the best channels and their shows accordingly. The customer also wants the year-to-year survey for different channels and shows through which the customer will summarize TRP(Top Rating Program), Engagement rate, and retention rate.


We’ll show the output on an overall analysis based on the model.

  • Here we’ll get the live video as an input source. In the back-end, we’ll apply our model from which we’ll get content monitoring, face, expression analysis, etc., and the views, engagement, and retention by times for reference we have shared the dashboards.


  • The above dashboard stacked bar chart shows that the top 5 shows according to their TRP ( total impression by total targeted customers).
  • Each category’s best channel shows which channel is best for each category, like for songs we have wynk.
  • Engagement rate by location and channel shows the demand for different channels at different locations. Like in India for wynk has an engagement rate of 84.62%, which means we have a maximum engagement in India for wynk.
  • The table represents the performance of shows quarterly like the amazon prime series” The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” TRP is in quarters 1 and 2 above 3.5, but in quarters 3 and 4, TRP decreases because the retention rate also decreases.

End Customer Value

  • Main Value Addition: This Dashboard will help the customer know about their different channels’ performance.
  • Description: Through this dashboard, customers will get TRP, engagement rate, and retention rate of their shows quarterly. This also tells the performance of their shows by different locations and languages. Customers will get in which location and language they perform best and where they need to improve.