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Disaster and Backup Recovery Services

Key to overcoming the risks of Enterprise Data Hacks.


Disaster and Backup Recovery Services

Attacks like ransomware, Data loss are increasing rapidly with the advancement of technology. To overcome the challenges of such attacks, enterprises are fascinated with Disaster and Backup Recovery Services to safe and secure their confidential data.

We at XenonStack provides Disaster and Backup Recovery Services to build profitable comprehensive recovery and continuity solutions, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. XenonStack ensures to keep your data up and running even in the event of a disaster through data and backup recovery solutions.

Here are some benefits of Disaster and Backup Recovery Services for the enterprise to keep sanity check onto their business data.

  • 24*7 Monitoring
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Cloud Backups
  • Scalable Offsite Data Protection
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Disaster and Backup Recovery Solutions Offering

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Backup & Restore

XenonStack Configuration Management tools and Infrastructure as Code frameworks to write Backup and Restore scripts for the infrastructure.

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Pilot Light

In the Pilot light Disaster Recovery Plan, Xenonstack will not only keep Data and Configuration Backup and Restore but also Infrastructure provisioning script.

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Warm Standby

XenonStack shall keep the same setup running in another region or Datacenter in this case but that 'll not be live to the public.

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XenonStack shall run the application on multiple regions simultaneously, it is automatic and no downtime switchover.

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Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist

  • Define the goals of disaster Recovery Plan
  • Define data backup strategy
  • Plan and perform data restoration drills
  • Define how sensitive data should be handled
  • Disaster recovery information should be included in SLAs
  • Perform Drills to keep a check