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Responsible Metaverse Characteristics and its Importance

Dr. Jagreet Kaur Gill | 09 Apr 2023

Responsible Metaverse Characteristics and Importance

Introduction to Responsible Metaverse

In the crisis of covid, the lockdowns push people to shift from office to work from home and explore the potential of the online world. Moreover, it also increases the use of digital calls such as zoom calls. But zoom calls are a clunky and stilted process. Imagine a condition where people can see each other in 3D, sitting around a virtual table. It will feel like people are in the same room together, making it easier to relax and communicate more naturally. It is all possible with a future vision known as Metaverse.

It is not just a meeting, but it allows more activities to be replicated in a virtual form, such as people can wander around with friends, visiting buildings, buying goods and services, and attending events. Imagine walking down the street. Suddenly, a person thinks of a product that he needs. Immediately, a vending machine appears next to him, filled with the product and variations he was thinking of. He stops, picks up an item from the vending machine, is shipped to his house, and then continues on his way. It is a digital world, where anything a person imagines can exist. It will extend senses of sight, sound, and touch, blending digital items into the physical world or popping into fully immersive 3D environments whenever a person wants.

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What is Responsible Metaverse?

At the moment, Metaverse is a buzzword that doesn't exist as more than a label till now. It will be a digital version of our real-life with every surreal possibility ever imagined. Land, avatar, and building can be bought and sold using cryptocurrency.

Difference between VR(Virtual Reality), AR(Augmented Reality), and Metaverse

  • AR: In the case of Augmented Reality applications, a person is in its physical environment only. They can see everything around them usually, but other stuff is added with it.
  • Virtual Reality: VR takes the person entirely to a different fictional place accessible with a VR headset.
  • Metaverse: Surrounding disappears and It is not just a virtual reality. It will be accessible across all the different computing platforms such as VR, AR, PC, Mobile devices, and game consoles.

What are the characteristics of Metaverse?

The below mentioned are the characteristics of Metaverse


It will host available content to the user whenever they want to access it. Moreover, it will be accessible using different physical devices and ISP providers; for instance, Google is accessible to users without particular device ISP specifications requirements.


Participants will interact with each other and the digital world in real-time and react like they would in the physical world.


The digital world is live and constantly available; if the user logs on, it doesn’t mean that the Metaverse digital world stops. It will be available when a person comes back. Besides, it will be available for any number of participants and can offer any audience size at any given time.


Participants will be able to supply goods and services in exchange for value recognized by others. This value could be fiat currency exchanged for virtual gold and in-world items. It also includes non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrency, and e-money, along with more traditional fiat currency.


It will allow participants to use their virtual items across different experiences or platforms, such as in racing games; an unlocked vehicle can be used in different adventure games; similarly, clothes can be worn in a game, concerts, and other virtual environments.

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What are the technologies for Responsible Metaverse?

Metaverse will use Artificial Intelligence technology which has several types of issues of privacy, ethics, and transparency. To reduce such problems, responsibly implementing AI is very important. Facebook has announced a $50 million fund to develop it more responsibly. This fund is majorly for building it with compatibility, inclusivity, privacy, safety, and economic opportunity considerations.

Why do we need Responsible Metaverse?

It may raise a range of complex legal and regulatory issues. Therefore, it is necessary to build Metaverse responsibly to reduce these issues. Some of the problems are discussed below, which may arise with time.

Data protection

Metaverse participants will be involved with unprecedented amounts and types of personal data. Organizations will collect individual movements, physiological responses, and brainwave patterns for their customer behavior and thoughts in Metaverse. It is required to comply with data protection legislation while using personal data. Metaverse raises the issues for implemented compliance practices. It raises several questions: On one side, it gives opportunities to the business, another side also increases the responsibilities of data protection.

  • Will Metaverse have one main administrator who collects all personal data and divides how it can be processed and shared? Or will multiple entities will do this task?
  • How does each entity ensure the privacy to its users?
  • How can a user's consent be collected, and when?
  • Who will be responsible if users' data is stolen or misused?
  • What data-sharing arrangements need to be put in place? And how will these be implemented?

Cyber-attacks and data breaches

In the Metaverse, the cyberattacks may be more sci-fi type like hacked avatars and deep fakes. Thus it would be harder to identify, verify and control those attacks. It may become difficult to ascertain where responsibilities lie in respect of breach notification and the data protection authorities, given the complex web of the relationships that entangle Metaverse.

Decentralized/distributed models

Metaverse is decentralized, so data sharing and a seamless user experience may be difficult when there is no central administrator. If there is no centralized, then how do vendors who do not know each other and may have no commercial connection cooperate in exchanging data?

Competition Law

The Interoperable and global nature of Metaverse encourages different businesses to communicate and cooperate to improve participants' experience. But this process may raise antitrust issues between competitors that need to be tracked. For instance, whole communication sharing competitively sensitive details could constitute antitrust infringements and lead to high fines. Therefore policies need to be implemented, and training needs to be given to employees and participants.

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Use Cases of Metaverse

Metaverse is made of invisible things such as cloth, woven with code, dancing across the circuits and wires covering our planet. It's not only a mirror of the real world, but much about the Metaverse is surreal, designed to make the impossible possible.


Metaverse gaming is not only like VR gaming. It is about expanding a massively multiplayer online gaming platform into a complex, rich, virtual world. Here people can also chat, socialize, go to virtual clubs, concerts, etc.


It will be a virtual hangout place that can last in the long run as they meet a basic need for people to connect.


Metaverse will make remote work more engaging, productive, and efficient as people can meet to collaborate, design, review, and provide customer service virtually.


Metaverse will allow visiting malls virtually without leaving home. It is more than digitally trying on clothes people can purchase for real life. Companies have to design brands for the different people at different stages of wealth. People who invest heavily in the Metaverse may have their businesses and property. Therefore, the partnership opportunities with the companies don't exist in physical reality. Fashion in Metaverse is a big part of creating a character or being represented by an avatar. It is about identity in ways that haven't been possible before. Virtual fashion houses and designers can enter a whole new market of digital-first clothing.


Metaverse is a future vision that could change the world and making it responsible builds more trust and transparency. Many tech giants are investing in Responsible Metaverse to move the technology and experience of the world to the next level.