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Growth Mindset - Perpetuating Success at XenonStack

Dr. Jagreet Kaur Gill | 09 November 2020

Growth Mindset - Perpetuating Success at XenonStack

What is Growth Mindset?

Having a Growth Mindset is to believe in the development of intelligence through consistent efforts. It is the belief among students that learning doesn’t end on the last day at school or university. They accept and even greet failure as a means to move forward. Now how is that supposed to help personal growth? Growth refers to progressive development that leads to evolution. Human evolution is one of the finest examples of Growth or Progressive Development. Imagine if Early man had not have evolved, what would have happened? Similarly, it is only logical for Humans to develop for growth progressively. The Growth Mindset is no different from any other development. The Growth Mindset displays the belief that talent is a continuous enhancement through constant learning. People with a Growth Mindset are on a Permanent Voyage of enriching their intelligence and faculty to learn new skills through Hard Work, Practice, and Perseverance. Try considering the Value in the Journey when thinking of a Growth Mindset. It speeds up the process of a graduate's evolution to a professional. When one fixes the outcome, one misses out on valuable learning moments that can improve professional development.

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset There has been much debate about 'Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset.' A growth mindset sees beauty in the journey of struggle. A Fixed mindset tends to go where there is least defiance. They tackle the easy stuff first.
"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make a mistake." - Elbert Hubbard
In contrast, people having a Growth Mindset focus their heed on the most challenging slice first. They also tend to look at the bigger picture, the final destination, and do not get beaten down by someone's setbacks or failures.

How to Develop a Growth Mindset?

We at XenonStack have perfectly aligned the people to have a growth mindset that helps new hires grow with us. Some of them are listed below:
  1. We are not getting offended by criticism from anyone. Instead, we think of it as an opportunity to get better at our job.
  2. I am comfortable getting uncomfortable by Jumping into something new every day.
  3. We keep doing something new.
  4. We pay attention to the ability of people to learn new things while hiring.
  5. I look at new tasks, actions, tactics, or strategies as experiments leading to success.
  6. We acknowledge and appreciate a problem, leading to the arousal of Solution and Growth Orientation.

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Unlocking Growth Mindset

Unlocking Growth How to Develop a Growth Mindset? What should be the strategy for the Growth Mindset for students? How to unlock growth in your goals? Let's get started with the process!

Introspect and Reflect

Take time to introspect, acknowledge, reflect, and embrace all triumphs and failures. Becoming aware of the areas of improvement is the stepping stone in cultivating a growth mindset. Sweeping the weaknesses under the rug will only inhibit your ability to reach success. One growth mindset technique we encourage people to take part in is the - White, Black, and Gray Technique.

1. White

The color denotes harmony, similarly reflecting on the positives and celebrating small wins and continuing to do so.

2. Black

It refers to the challenges or bottlenecks faced. Try looking back and acknowledging the negatives. Embracing the challenges and viewing them as fruitful learning experiences would undoubtedly enhance your mindset.

3. Gray

It refers to the areas that require improvements. Here, the Gray area has the scope and ray of hope if only there is a willingness to look at the brighter side. This growth mindset technique allows debriefing and flushing out any lingering thoughts that may be brewing in mind.

Continuous improvement leads to constant progression.

Finding Purpose and Positives

In his Growth Mindset TED Talk, Charlotte Barber explained how fostering a Growth Mindset with a vital purpose and a toned resilience muscle would help find various alternative ways to achieve your goals. We agree with his saying. Merely changing the language can shift the mentality. Reinforcing positive affirmations and thoughts brighten the habit of looking at things. Try repeating these phrases to self:
  •  I strive for progression, not perfection.
  • When I fail, I try again.
  • There is a way around every struck situation.
  • I wonder what any situation or experience is trying to teach me.
  • It’s OK to make mistakes. I can learn from my mistakes.
  • It is not a dead-end.
  • I am yet to figure it out.
A Growth Mindset helps in reorganizing the thoughts and converting them from negative to positive. It enables you to achieve your goals by taking ownership of your decisions. Try restructuring your thought process. It will help you seek out growth opportunities.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the junction point of cognition and emotion. It acts as a facilitator for our capacity for Empathy, Motivation, Open-Mindedness, and a plethora of Social conflicts and events. It leads to happiness and contentment that, in turn, lead to acceptance, which makes one walk on a quest for growth. High Emotional intelligence enables one to be more self-aware and one’s impact on others. The ability to understand and manage self emotions is the first step to realizing true self-potential. Growth thinking and problem-solving ability go hand in hand. Emotional Intelligence is one of the tools that help identify the problems and work on them proactively to develop progressively.

Perseverance and Mindfulness

Perseverance means the ability to sail through obstacles to reach a meaningful end-goal. It pushes you to keep moving forward and fulfill your commitments. A Growth Mindset isn’t just mental; it also requires a bit of a physical shift. Consider it as a paradigm shift. The mind and the body coalesce to evolve into a growth mindset. Try engaging in mindfulness activities. This practice discards any interpretation or judgment and allows one to focus on the present moment. Try mindfulness activities like these:
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation
  • Walking and Stretching
  • Laying down
These activities may seem simple; however, their impact is profound. Initially, these activities tend to make one uncomfortable due to a higher degree of silence and aloneness. But with due course of time, they start acting as the energizers and thought centers. Mindfulness necessitates focussing on the present moment, meditating on your surroundings, and bringing clarity to clouded thoughts.

Concluding Thoughts

Briefly, developing a Growth Mindset means reflecting and believing that the outcome is not the end-all. At XenonStack, one of our core-Values is Open-Mindedness. It enables us to embrace challenges and take giant leaps of faith. No wonder it is the best place to work around. A Growth Mindset is a commandment in the world where uncertainty is the new normal, where your past experiences and knowledge are less dependable guides for growth. Want to join XenonStack and be an integral part of our community? APPLY NOW!