Quick Guide to Building Real Time Stream Analytics Solutions

Real-Time Data yields

  • Analyzing customers
  • Collecting Right Data
  • Analyzing Conversion Funnel
  • Comparing Platforms and driving results
  • Unique Experience for every customer
  • Providing different products and services based on customer data insights
  • Testing at Real-Time
  • Predictive Analytics to predict trend and customer liking
  • Quick response to issues

Real-Time Analytics Applications

  • Automotive Marketing Dashboards
  • Insurance Dashboards
  • Banking Dashboards
  • Food Marketing Dashboards
  • Manufacturing Marketing Dashboards
  • Customized Dashboards
  • Retail Dashboards
  • Healthcare Dashboards
  • Enhance Social Media Strategies
  • Real-Time Customer Engagement
  • Analyze Customer and Market Behaviour
  • Personalize Marketing and Customer Engagement
  • Complete Workflow of Customers
  • Views data as an asset

Real-Time Analytics features for Marketing

  • Predictive Analytics and optimization
  • Data Visualization
  • Customer Analytics and Segmentation
  • Managing Cohorts
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Attribution Modeling