Building Serverless Solutions with Kubernetes and OpenFaaS


Kubernetes is an orchestration system for Serverless. Serverless Architectures are application architectures which extract away server management tasks and enhances development and manages to compute resources. FaaS (Function as a Service) allows code execution at runtime.


Open Source Serverless solutions include AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and Google Cloud Functions, Kubeless. Kubeless is a Kubernetes-native serverless framework to deploy small bits of code (functions) without infrastructure management. It implements on top of Kubernetes cluster using all features of Kubernetes.


Features of Kubeless and Kubernetes involve –


  • Container Orchestration across clusters of hosts.
  • Python, Node.js, Ruby, PHP, Golang support.
  • Auto-replication and Auto-Scaling.
  • Event triggers using Kafka messaging system and HTTP events.
  • Prometheus monitoring.
  • CLI compliant with AWS Lambda CLI.