Building Real Time Applications on Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud is a serverless compute platform including Google Cloud Functions which calculates time and network without any maintenance, monitoring, and scaling having everything automated.

Google Cloud Functions include Artificial Intelligence and Proactive Approach. Also, comprise of Networking Protocols, HTTP Functions and Security Controls. Google Cloud Function contains minute pieces of code responsible for performing specific functions responding to Google Cloud events.

Google Cloud Platform is useful in Data Migration, Data Protection, handles workloads of Big Data and Machine Learning applications as well as supports BackUp and Recovery. For IoT, Predictive Analytics and Maintenance, Google Cloud Platform brings Right Decision Making, Optimisation and right set Collection of data.

Real-Time Applications built on Google Cloud Functions involve –

  • Machine Learning Models including Sentiment Analysis, Video and Image Analytics
  • Real-Time Data Processing Pipeline and Analysis
  • IoT Devices and Sensors
  • MicroServices Applications
  • ChatBots