Guide to In-Memory Computing Platform Architecture


In-Memory computing platforms provide extensive in-memory data management, in-memory data grid, in-memory database, support for streaming analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. All data used by the application is stored by the main memory of the computing environment increasing revenue, risk management, new product innovation.


In-Memory Analytics with Apache Ignite


  • Massive Scale Data Processing of Streaming Data
  • In-Memory Support for Batch and Real-Time Streaming Data
  • Support for Distributed SQL Joins
  • Affinity Collocation
  • State Management


In-Memory Analytics with Apache Spark


  • Data Processing without data storage
  • Low Latency computations
  • Efficient iterative algorithms
  • Interactive Data Analysis
  • Batch Processing at a faster pace
  • Unified Pipelines
  • Faster Decision Making
  • Real-Time Stream Processing