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Employee Analytics Dashboard for HR Department

Dr. Jagreet Kaur Gill | 05 May 2023

HR Challenges to Track Employees

The HR department of every organization performs multiple functions like recruitment of employees, employees onboarding, making policies of employees, maintaining work culture, maintaining employees records. If the organization’s employee attrition rate increases rapidly, the HR team must track the employees to know which employees are leaving and when they are leaving the organization. Managing all these tasks will be very tedious if the organisation is large.

Solutions for HR Department to Track Employees

The analytics dashboard in the solution will provide the information about the organization’s employees by collecting their general information like their

  • Gender
  • Age group
  • Marital status
  • Experience
  • Job Level
  • Department
  • Location
  • Years spent in the organization

It will help the organization keep track of employees who have left the organization and find any pattern followed by them so that the necessary actions can be taken timely.

Employee Attrition

Which Employees are Leaving the Organization?

The dashboard will help the organization’s HR team/department get an overview of the overall attrition rate of the organization, proportion of left employees by gender, location, marital status, and job level.

User Story

  • The attrition rate of the organisation's employees is 1/4th of the total employees, which is quite high.
  • The proportion of male employees is 1.264 times greater than female employees who have left the organization.
  • The engineering department has 2.4 times higher attrition than the sales department and 13 times that of the finance department.
  • West River employees are leaving more than East Valley, Northwood, and Southfield.
  • The percentage of team members is greater than team leaders and managers.
  • Married people have more attrition; this may be because, after marriage, many employees may have to shift to another location or have kids.

When are Employees Leaving the Organization?

The dashboard have all the factors that include the time, which will help the organization know when most employees decide to leave the organization. The dashboard includes the age of the employees, experience of employees, and years spent in the organization.

User Story

  • The density graph's peak is between the 25 - 40 age interval, i.e., most of the employees who have left fall in this age group.
  • Younger age is a cause of attrition. Switching to other organizations is easy at a younger age.
  • Most of the employees who have left the organization had less than 15 years of experience.
  • Most of the employees left the organization on completion of 3 years and have stayed up to a maximum of 6 years.

End Customer Value

The dashboards in the solution will help the HR department of an organization to keep an eye on the overall attrition rate, if there is gender-biased attrition or if married employees have more chances of leaving, and the general information about the employees who have left the organization like their department, location and job level. Also, the organization will target the specific age group where the attrition is more experience and years with the company.

Why Xenonstack?

Xenonstack will give you a demo that will provide you with a full-fledged analysis report consisting of dashboards visuals of the organization’s employees that will be useful for the HR department to track what is going on in the organization and about the employees such that a good working environment is maintained in which every employee loves to work.

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