Energy Demand and Forecasting with Deep Learning


Energy Load Forecasting predicts power and load to meet demands. Operation and Management of supply to customers in companies through forecasting. Energy Demand Forecasting enables proper allocation of resources.


Energy Load and Demand Forecasting Features


  • Increase Efficiency
  • An abundance of Revenue generation
  • Planning of Capacity and Operations


Advantages of Load and Demand Forecasting


  • Decision- Making and planning for Power Systems
  • Areas with High Demand will have Power Generation near the load
  • Understanding and Planning of Future Consumption and Load Demand
  • Energy Consumption
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Covering Industries, Residential, Transport, and Services


Steps of Energy Demand and Load Forecasting


  • Selection or Creation of Data Set
  • Model Selection
  • Testing and Predictive Analysis
  • Model Deployment