Building Continuous Delivery with Jenkins


Continuous Delivery with Jenkins involves –


Continuous delivery (CD) reduces cost, time and risk of delivering changes by allowing for fast incremental updates to applications in production. Auto-management of Code checkout, run tests, code compilation, Sonarqube analysis on the code, the creation of Docker image, push the image to Docker Hub, Pull and run the image.


Jenkins is an open source automation server to automate tasks regarding building, testing, and delivering or deploying software.


Steps to perform Continuous Delivery using Jenkins –


  • Install Jenkins Plugins
  • Create Jenkins Job
  • Configure Webhook
  • Download Project and Push to GitHub
  • Use WebHook in GitHub
  • Run Continuous Delivery


Features of Jenkins involve –


  • Support for Build Pipelines
  • Asynchronous Build, Deploy or launch
  • Open Source
  • Workflow Plugin
  • Hosted Internally
  • A lot of integrations
  • Automatic Pipeline Setup
  • Triggers first release pipeline