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Azure AI Platform, Applied and Cognitive Services with OpenAI

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Cognitive and Applied AI Services with Azure AI Platform

Azure Applied AI Platform for building advanced ML models with open AI, accelerating end-to-end machine learning development lifecycle and managing production workflows at scale using cognitive.

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    Cognitive Services

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    Open Source based Platform

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    High level Security

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    Azure Machine Learning

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    Azure Video Analytics

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    Azure Cognitive Search

Azure Cognitive Services

XenonStack offers Azure Cognitive based offerings for Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis Solutions.

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Enable Text Extraction at the edge

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Integrated Enterprise-grade security solutions

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Customized Extraction Solutions

AI Platform

With Azure AI Services Firms can enable automated processes right from building models to deployment and management.

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Build MLOps Capabilities

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Scale AI based Applications

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Deploy ML Applications on the Cloud

Developing Edge Applications

Azure-based solutions for authenticating and deploying machine learning models from cloud to the edge.

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Azure Sphere

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Azure IoT Edge

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Azure Stack Edge

Microsoft Azure Cloud Development and Implementation Solutions

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Explore more about Xenonstack Competencies of Azure Cloud and build critical software using best practices and proven tools.

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Build and Develop Industry leading Digital Transformation Solutions

XenonStack has been partnering with leading Technology and Platform Services providers to develop next generation Scalable Solutions. We are Enabling End-to-End Enterprise transformation with next-generation technology capabilities and strategy.

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