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Building Enterprise Internal Developer Platform

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Why Enterprises Need An Internal Developer Platform (IDP)?

Enterprises are moving towards end-to-end Automation, aiming to enable Innovation with Speed, with Internal developer platforms enterprises can enable Fast Release Cycles, and integrate with exciting stack seamlessly.

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    Release Engineering

  • Xenonstack Infrastructure Automation Image

    Infrastructure Automation

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    Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery

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    Self-Service Capabilities

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    Infrastructure Orchestration

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    Intelligent Automation

Infrastructure Automation

Infrastructure Automation offers Solutions for enhancing efficiency and accuracy of the deployed applications and Agility for Scaling Applications.

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Release Engineering

Adopting Release Engineering approach helps Enterprise in enabling Self-Service Model, embrace frequent releases and emperor governance capabilities.

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Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery

Incorporating CI/CD best practices empowers organizations to Increased Code Quality and enhance delivery speeds.

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Intelligent Automation

Implement Intelligent Automation Best Practices for enhancing customer experience, ensuring teams are meeting security standard and facilitating end-to-end Automation.

Building Internal Developer Platform

Application Configuration Management

Helping Enterprise reduce the application configuration management complexity.

Infrastructure Orchestration

Orchestrating existing Infrastructure for smoother deployments and streamlined third-party registries.

Role-Based Access Control

Enable Enterprise-wide Role-based Access Control and enable governance with self-service capabilities.

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Environment Management

Helping Enterprises create or recreate environments from the IDP platform seamlessly.


Build customizable and easy to Maintain Applications.

Integration with Infrastructure

Integrate with existing infrastructure seamlessly.

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Exclusive Partners

We are partnering with leading Technology Solution Enterprises and Cloud Services Providers for building next generation scalable products, digital transformation capabilities and industry leading technology stack. Empowering Enterprises to build Cloud Native Applications, develop Digital Platform Strategy and Intelligent Automation.

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