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Data Mesh and Governance


Different Teams With Different
Technical Needs


On The Platform Level

Centralizing all data onto one platform becomes problematic for large enterprises that have an extensive and rapidly changing variety of data sources and use cases.


On The Technical Level

Responding to new needs requires changes in the whole data pipeline, which makes it difficult to stay agile and responsive.


On The Team Level

The centralized solving of data requests leads to long response times due to disconnected teams that cannot understand the needs of the business or other teams’ needs.


On The Competence Level

Data experts become too specialized in their area of expertise and may create platform-level bottlenecks due to the difficulty of finding specific data engineering talent.

Decentralize Data Operations and Ease of Governance


Business Agility

It eliminates the process complexities and IT backlog to reduce operating and storage costs and increase domain Business domain Agility.


Faster Access and Accurate Data Delivery

It offers easily governable and centralized infrastructure based on a self-service model without underlying complexity for faster data access and accurate delivery.


Sales and Marketing Benefits

The distributed data enables teams to curate a 360-degree perspective of consumer behaviors and profiles to create more targeted campaigns, increase lead scoring accuracy.


AI and Machine Learning Training

It enables development and intelligence teams to create virtual data warehouses and data catalogs from different sources to feed machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) models.


Loss Prevention and Low Costs

Data mesh implementation in the financial sector creates faster time-to-insight at lower operating costs and operational risks.



It powers decentralized data operations, independent team performance, and data infrastructure as a service provision, resulting in improved time-to-market and scalability.

Enables Metadata Management and Governance Capabilities


Enables Metadata Management and Governance Capabilities

XenonStack Ingest solution allows to bring data via High Performant & Distributed Data Processing Pipelines and put it in Data Lake powered by Object Storage and Automatic Schema Discovery via ElixirMeta platform. Elixir Data Discovery Service virtualize all the Data Lake tables using Elixir Meta Service.
XenonStack Data Governance Service leverages Data Discovery and Meta Service to detect Sensitive Data and guides Data Governance Teams to set up Policies for the same. Elixir Services enables metadata management and governance capabilities.

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