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Simplify Identity and Access Management with UIAG Solution



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Simplify Identity and Access Management with UIAG Solution

Why do you need a strong Identity and Access Management Solution?

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    Accessing a person's data is easy: Today, individuals have a digital presence on a lot of websites generating a lot of data. This data is mainly in the public domain, which can be easily accessible. Due to this, gathering a person's data and using it to breach the IAM security becomes alot easier.

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    Password reuse:Individuals generally prefer to use the same password across multiple domains and services. If there is leakage of such sensitive data due to cyber attacks in a single domain, user access is compromised across multiple domains due to password reuse.

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    Difficulty in Access Management: Access to the correct individual is challenging as username/password has a vulnerability that access can be shared among individuals. We must not use one-time password mechanisms on mobile numbers, leading to device data theft.

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    Lack of management training: Often the management does not have training on new IAM technologies. Thus it becomes easy to introduce human errors or bypass a mandatory security check during the implementation of IAM procedures.

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