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Data Discovery Platform



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Data Discovery Platform

Key point of Data Discovery, let's discuss

  • discovery-data

    The Discovery of data is an iterative process, so it does not require a complete model to be constructed at the start of the analysis. Before data can be properly analyzed it must be prepared.

  • data-formatting

    This requires someone with specific skills in handling and formatting data, often a data scientist. Data discovery may help analysts understand data patterns and trends through data visualization and advanced guided analytics.

  • advanced-guided-analytics

    The visualization methods are typically numerous, offering different ways for analysts to inspect data so that more patterns are seen.

  • machine-vision

    While machine vision can be used to pick up on patterns as well, data discovery platforms often rely on the natural inclination of humans to find patterns visually.

  • data-discovery-platform

    Further delving into the meaning of the patterns is the stage of complex guided analysis. These functions enhance pattern-finding with machine learning capabilities and help analysts glean extra statistical information from data.