Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment


DevOps Readiness Assessment

XenonStack DevOps Readiness Assessment helps an Enterprise in an Industry assess your current DevOps capabilities as they relate to each stage of the lifecycle with specific focus on the DevOps Tools that can help improve your DevOps Maturity.


Big Data Readiness Assessment

XenonStack Big Data Readiness Assessment helps an Enterprise in an Industry to establish foundational knowledge of Big Data Integration, Big Data Architecture, Big Data Governance and Security, Big Data Characteristics and Big Data Technologies.

Intelligent Product Solutions

ML & DL Readiness Assessment

Discover the power of Machine Learning and Deep Learning with readiness assessment of your current available data sets. Transform to a data driven enterprise by exploring new opportunities in the field of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.


Cloud Readiness Assessment

XenonStack offers Solutions for Multi Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring and Management, defining RoadMap for Cloud Migration and Cloud Security. Managed Services for Cloud Maturity Assessment and Hybrid Cloud Deployment.

Decentralised Big Data management and Governance, AI Marketplace for Operationalising and Scaling AI

  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Optimizing GPU Usage
  • Deploying Deep Learning Models
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