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Dynamic Data Stories


Features to Visualize Data Stories


Intelligent Dashboards

Intelligent dashboards that not only show data aggregation in the form of KPIs but can also be sliced and diced to study KPI’s at a granular level with different viewpoints.


Actionable Insights

Most of the advanced analytics goes into vain if it does not drive actions that would lead to desired outcomes.


Reporting to Stakeholders

Stakeholders often expect different, dedicated, and variety of reports. Often inadequate and undetailed stories fail to create value for business, thus not getting the best out of the data.


Scheduled Reporting and Alerting

Fast, Reliable, Relevant, and timely information on important events is critical for business people to reach accurate decisions.

Benefits of Dynamic Data Stories


Better and Fast Decisions

Data Stories can transform the invisible information into the visible with dynamic KPI’s so that it can be expressed directly and clearly, to help you discover critical points quickly.


Engage Audience Effectively

Visual storytelling is more appealing. If visuals are used, the audience is compelled to take actions, hence increasing engagement.

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Put Your Data into Work

Organizations have been collecting data over years for nothing but to cost you for storage. Turn your data from neutral fields in a database into opinions, arguments and insights.


Data-driven Culture to Sustain Success

Potential well-crafted data stories can instill and inspire culture in your organization to share insights from diverse areas of the business, increasing data literacy.


Spend Less Time Explaining, What is Going On

Create your First Impression the BeEnsure everyone stays on the same page all the time, the explanation is done for you by the data storiesst One.


Create Your First Impression The Best One

Make your work and services count by explaining using data stories, bringing value to your customers, fostering your first impression the best one.

Data Mesh Platform


Data Mesh Platform

Data Platform acted as a one-stop solution for the problem by facilitating:

Self-service Data Visualization and Analytics Platform: It is easy to use and provides a self-service platform where one can generate stories and KPI’s in a few clicks according to the need.

Actionable Insights: Data Platform provides this capability to build intelligent dashboards to drive actions from KPI’s to create valuable impact.

Scheduled Reporting: Reports can be scheduled on the platform to not miss any important event of your interest. Scheduled reports are automatically run at a predefined frequency and emailed as files to a list of recipients. Scheduled report formats are PDF, CSV, and XLS.

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