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Generative AI for Telecom and 5G

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AI Native Telco with 5G 

XenonStack provides Generative AI solutions, including tools that can improve existing bots through a better grasp of more complicated client intentions, sympathetic conversations, and excellent summarization skills.

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    Cloud-Native 5G Configuration Management 

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    Ambient Intelligent Devices - AI Native Telco

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    Automated Support & Intelligent Storage

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    Generative AI and Real-Time Insight Engine

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    Network Optimisation and Self-optimising Network (SoN)

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    Intelligent Process Automation

Generative AI for Telecom Services Offerings

AI-Driven Analytics Capabilities for Telecommunication Sector

Optimal Network Quality

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Network Planning and Design, Network Tuning, Network Audit and BenchMarking, improve customer loyalty, End-user performance optimization, Network Planning and investment.

Predictive Maintenance

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It involves AI-driven Predictive Analytics, Telco Data Analytics, Interactive Voice Response Systems, Data Center Management, Predictive Equipment Analytics.

Network Self-Optimisation

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It involves 5G networks, Cloud migrations, increased number of OTT, Automatic Network Planning, Configuring, and Controlling. Low Latency, End-to-End Intelligence and Complex Network Deployments.

Generative AI Applications for Telco

Solutions for Improving Customer Satisfaction and Network Performance

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Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

It involves Customer Relationship Management, personalized and adaptive customer journey, analyzes data, recognizes problems, multi-dimensional insights, optimizes margins.

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Automated Monitoring Solutions

It involves maintaining mobile tower functions, network quality, troubleshooting connectivity issues, network optimization, AI-driven Video Analytics for surveillance, and IoT sensors to enhance network utilization and Asset Management.

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Manage Dynamic Networks - Energy Infrastructure Optimization

AIOps enables 5G network Optimisation and Transformation with Churn Prediction, Hyper Personalisation, New Product and Service Analytics, Intelligent Chatbots, Customer Retention, and Advanced Analytics.

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Improve Network Performance

It involves System Architecture Innovation, Autonomous Driving Networks, Network Function Virtualisation(NFV), Performance Management, Radio Access Networks, Cloud-Based Network Management.

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Network Security and Fraud Mitigation

It includes Service Based Architecture, Optimising Networks, Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Wireless Networks, Intelligent Service Centers, Service Quality Monitoring, Autonomous Optimisation.

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Network Orchestration

It involves Network Configuration Management, network operation centers (NOCs), Field Service Management, Real-Time Network Inventory Management, Service Orchestration, Network Auto-Discovery, Intelligence Assurance and Analytics, IoT Connectivity Management.

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Cognitive Automation

AI in Telecom Industry Benefits and Use Cases

AI for Telecom is all set for handling such defects, trained using advanced ML algorithms on big data, and the patterns generated by these algorithms can detect the anomalies with high accuracy.The telecom business has been able to extract insights from massive data sets, making it easier to address issues, operate daily operations more efficiently, provide greater customer service and happiness, and much more.

4 May 2023

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