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AI-Powered Marketing Advertising Solutions

The Impact of AI & ML on Marketing.

AI Solutions

AI Driven Services for Marketing and Advertising

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping Marketing and Advertising processes by Introducing solutions for Marketing Forecasting, Targeted Advertising and –

  • Regional Analysis
  • Optimized Content Creation and Curation
  • Lead Generation
  • Chatbots, Image Detection, Voice and Speech Recognition
  • Send Time Optimization, Recommendation Engines
  • Integration with CRM
  • Consumer and Brand Usage & Customer Clustering
  • Streamlined Workflows
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Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Service Offerings

How AI Is Making Advertising More Efficient and Consumer-Focused.

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Smart Search

Improved capacity to find information on Google, simplify and explain search improvements using Artificial Intelligence and algorithms such as Page Rank using Deep Learning, integration with Dynamic Ontologies formation.

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Programmatic Advertising

Automated process to buy and sell advertisement inventory through an exchange connecting advertisers to publishers. Real-Time bidding for inventory across mobile, display, video, social channels and television.

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Marketing Forecasting

Predictive Analytics integrated with Deep Learning, Five Forces Analysis, Market Segmentation, Image Analysis, Cognitive Applications. It involves Insights from Marketing Data including quantifiable nature of marketing data (clicks, views, time-on-page, purchases, email responses).

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Artificial Intelligence Solution offerings for Marketing and Advertising

  • Cross-Channel Advertising
  • Accurate Audience Targeting
  • Ad-Fraud Prevention
  • Experiential Marketing & Decentralised Ad-Networks
  • Pricing Analytics & Real-Time Personalised Advertising
  • Dynamic Pricing &Social Media Analysis
  • Conversational Commerce & Automated Allocation

Applications of AI in Marketing and Advertising

Solutions for Enhancing Marketing and Sales Strategies with AI and ML.