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AI-Powered Marketing and Advertising Solutions

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The Impact of AI and ML on Marketing and Advertising Sector

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping Marketing and Advertising processes by Introducing solutions for Marketing Forecasting,Lead Generation and Targeted Advertising with Analytics Capabilities

  • Marketing Advertising Solutions_001_03 Icon Optimized Content Creation and Curation

    Optimized Content Creation and Curation

  • Marketing Advertising Solutions_001_04 Icon Chatbots, Image Detection, Voice and Speech Recognition

    Chatbots, Image Detection, Voice and Speech Recognition

  • Marketing Advertising Solutions_001_05 Icon Send Time Optimization, Recommendation Engines

    Send Time Optimization, Recommendation Engines

  • Marketing Advertising Solutions_001_06 Icon Integration with CRM

    Integration with CRM

  • Marketing Advertising Solutions_001_07 Icon Consumer and Brand Usage & Customer Clustering

    Consumer and Brand Usage & Customer Clustering

  • Marketing Advertising Solutions_001_08 Icon Streamlined Workflows

    Streamlined Workflows

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Service Offerings

How AI Is Making Advertising More Efficient and Consumer-Focused?

Intelligent and Smart Search

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Improved capacity to find information on Google, simplify and explain search improvements using Artificial Intelligence and algorithms such as Page Rank using Deep Learning, integration with Dynamic Ontologies formation.

Programmatic Advertising

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Automated process to buy and sell advertisement inventory through an exchange connecting advertisers to publishers. Real-time bidding for inventory across mobile, display, video, social channels, and television.

Marketing Forecasting

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Predictive Analytics integrated with Deep Learning, Five Forces Analysis, Market Segmentation, Image Analysis, Cognitive Applications. It involves Insights from Marketing Data, including the quantifiable nature of marketing data (clicks, views, time-on-page, purchases, email responses).

Applications of AI in Marketing and Advertising

Solutions for Enhancing Marketing and Sales Strategies with AI and ML.

Marketing Advertising Solutions_001_16 M Icon Targeted Advertising

Targeted Advertising

It includes Recommendation Engine, Content Targeting, Audience Targeting, Distance Targeting, Custom Messaging, Tailored Advertising. It has Custom Affinity Segments, Demographic Layering, Life events Targeting, and Look-Alike Targeting.

Marketing Advertising Solutions_001_17 M Icon Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Diversify communications using connected televisions and digital audio, Pay per Click Advertising, Decentralised Networks, Mobile-First Advertising, Effective Video Advertising, Location-Based Advertising, Micro-moments on consumers.

Marketing Advertising Solutions_001_18 M Icon Email Marketing and Campaign Analytics

Email Marketing and Campaign Analytics

Obtain customer data, understand search engine data, re-engaging lost leads, higher conversion rate, customized content, automated email campaigns. It sends personalized emails, improving customer segmentation and enhancing click-through rates.

Marketing Advertising Solutions_001_19 M Icon Real-TIme Media Buying

Real-TIme Media Buying

Monitor customer usage through Real-Time Experience Tracking (RET) and prioritizing depending upon their importance. Best Click-through Rates and View Rates to detect and buy advertising based on the rating of channels.

Marketing Advertising Solutions_001_20 M Icon Sentiment Analysis and Analytics

Sentiment Analysis and Analytics

Customer Sentiment Analysis captures user's reactions after a new product or feature launching, Brand Monitoring and Management, filtering the positives and negative aspects, and customizing product and service offerings.

Marketing Advertising Solutions_001_21 M Icon Message Personalisation

Message Personalisation

It includes Online Personalisation, Prescriptive and Adaptive Personalisation, Hyper-Personalisation, Personalised Videos, targeting campaigns, personalization in Google Adwords.

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XenonStack is now Kubernetes Certified Service Provide

We are proud to announce that XenonStack is now a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, Run by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in collaboration with the Linux Foundation. We are also Silver Partner of the Linux Foundation and Cloud Native Computing Foundation. The CNCF encourages the development of cloud-based open-source applications by rendering technologies available to the open-source community and by promoting ecosystem development Kubernetes Certified Service Provider is a testimony to XenonStack’s dedication to contributing to Kubernetes’ growth. 

21 April 2020

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