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Cognitive Center of Excellence
Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Agents / ChatBots

Specialized For Building Customized and Intelligent NLP Ready ChatBots using Deep learning and AI to complete all types of tasks.

Intelligent Agents / ChatBots
Machine learning and Deep Learning in Production

Machine learning and Deep Learning in Production

Expertise in Running Machine learning and Deep Learning Algorithms on Historical Data as well as Real Time Analytics Using Docker, Kubernetes and Public Cloud. We are Automating Systems to understand and learn at Scale.

AI Enabled Infrastructure

By 2020, In our Center of Excellence, we are working towards Cognitive Security with Automated Real time Anomaly Detection, Prediction, Cyber-security, Automated Server Scaling, Automated Configuration management, Next Generation Alerting and Monitoring Systems. Systems that understands, reasons and learns at scale.

AI Enabled Infrastructure

Transforming to a Data-Driven Enterprise

Talk to Experts for Assessment on Infrastructure Automation,  
DevOps Intelligence, Big Data Engineering and Decision Science

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