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Composable and Modern Data Catalog Solutions

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Composable and Intelligent DataOps and Data Mesh Solution with ElixirData

Elixir Data Enables Building Real Time Integration Platform with Data Governance and Data Quality Best Practices, Big Data and Meta Management Solutions.Enable Continuous Intelligence with ElixirData and Structured Data Lake for SKU Intelligence.

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Augmented Data Management

Elixir Data is a Modern Big Data Integration Platform that enables secure Data Pipeline With Data Integrity and Data Management.

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Data Implementation and Deployment

Elixir Data provides you the freedom to work in desired Data Stack and Programming Language as it integrates well with NoSQL & Big Data Ecosystem, traditional databases and business tools.

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Cloud Capabilities

Elixir Data provides Public, Private or Hybrid mode of Code Deployment. Choose the cloud platform that suits your enterprise requirements.

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Full Stack Big Data Integration Platform

ElixirData provides a highly customisable solution for Enterprises. ElixirData provides Flexibility, Security, and Stability for an Enterprise application and Big Data Infrastructure to deploy on-premises and Public Cloud with cognitive insights using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Modern Data Integration Platform

Full Stack Visibility and Monitoring

Enterprise Ready Platform

Deploy on Cloud Platforms

XenonStack Modern Data Integration Image
XenonStack Modern Data Integration Image

Modern Data Integration Platform for Big Data and Fast Data

Leaner and flexible by providing fast release cycles with the help of Continuous Delivery. Deploy from SCM to Production within minutes with a fully automated build pipeline.

  • Data Serving

  • Data Catalog

  • Data Discovery

XenonStack Full Stack Visibility Image
XenonStack Full Stack Visibility Image

Full Stack Visibility, Monitoring and Alerting for Big Data Pipeline

Integration with multiple cloud platforms at one place by providing an abstraction layer between Multi Cloud platform APIs.

  • Discoverable

  • Self Describing

  • Addressable

XenonStack Enterprise Ready Platform Image
XenonStack Enterprise Ready Platform Image

Enterprises Ready and Supports multi-tenant

Data is exploding from all directions, creating multiple channels of real-time and high velocity streams. Elixir data meets the changing requirements of paradigm shift from the traditional ETL model to modern data integration.

  • Next Generation API's in Rust

  • Real-Time Use Cases

  • Micro Front End

XenonStack Deploy on Cloud Platform Image
XenonStack Deploy on Cloud Platform Image

Deploy on Amazon RedShift, Google BigQuery, Public Cloud and On-Premises

Developing Next Generation Platform for Scalability and Performance with leading cloud providers.

  • Data Lake Management

  • Data Observability

  • Data Discovery Platform

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Sep 28, 2020

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