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Industry Integrated Solutions and Technology Innovations

To Build Solutions for AI-First Organization, We must follow Some Core Principles and Develop a Culture around them. XenonStack Founding team Inspired and learned from Hashicorp Founders (Armon Dadgar, Mitchell Hashimoto ) ThoughtWorks - (Rebecca Parsons, Martin Fowler), Airbnb, and Atlassian Design Systems.

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    Craftsmanship and Engineering Approach

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    Enterprise Agility and Security

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    Intelligence Driven Decision Making

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    Continuous Experimentation

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    Elastic Systems

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    Multidimensional Architecture

Prefer Evolvable over Predictable

Modularity and Coupling

Culture of Automation

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Prefer Evolvable over Predictable

XenonStack follows a solution-oriented approach and gives the business solution in the best possible way to leveraging current technology. We prefer to build evolvability into the software. Because projects constantly change in both explicit and unexpected ways throughout their life.

  • Streamlined and Agile Processes

  • Scalable Applications

  • Business Agility

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Modularity and Coupling

Modularity and coupling is a crucial part of software architecture to make incremental changes in the system. We follow the modular structure and keep things highly decoupled to support quick and easy changes. The individual components are functional on their own and can be combined with any system that requires it.

  • Enable Extensibility

  • Consistent Experiences

  • Efficiency and Maintainability

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Xenonstack Culture of Automation Icon

Culture of Automation

Manual systems take a lot of effort and resources. To support continuous and quicker changes, automated tools are required as the manual operators don't scale with demand. We automate the process to reduce human errors and to increase productivity. From machine provisioning to deployment pipeline we follow automation and prefer automated testing in the fast-changing environment.

  • Automation with IT Governance

  • Develop Streamlined Management Strategy

  • Continuous Process Improvement

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Elastic Systems

Systems that don't fall easily and recover themselves. To achieve this, systems should be built in a way that it can return to a desirable state when something unexpected happens. Our products and solutions are designed to achieve high reliability.



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Multidimensional Architecture

Focusing one aspect of the architecture is not enough, here we look into every dimension of the architecture. Technical architecture is just one dimension of the architecture. Our core principle of evolvability considers all parts of the system that change effects. Security dimension is our prime concern in products.

Make Decisions Reversible

Performance and Scalability

Secure by Design

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Xenonstack Make Decisions Reversible Icon

Make Decisions Reversible

Undoubtedly, a system that aggressively evolves will fail in unexpected ways. To overcome this, changes are versioned and stored to keep a process where reversible decisions can be made. It will prevent future occurrences when failures occur. We follow DevOps practices for the automation of reversible decisions.

  • Design Applications which allows reversible changes

  • Refine Operations continuously

  • Enable Process Improvement Mechanisms

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Xenonstack Performance and Scalability Icon

Performance and Scalability

Achieving high performance and extreme scalability requires a careful balance of architecture, operations, and other factors. Building solutions for performance and scalability for success in our products to make sure things work well under pressure are our key to building effective systems.

  • Self-healing and Auto recovery Capabilities

  • Horizontal scaling

  • Serverless Capabilities

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Xenonstack Ssecure by Design Icon

Secure by Design

Enable Automated Governance and Security with DevSecOps empowered best practices and Compliance oriented capabilities

  • Automate Code security testing

  • Streamline Auditing Processes

  • End-to-End Monitoring Solutions

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