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Scalable and Adaptive Data Management


Challenges in Analytics

Take a look at the faster decision-making framework approach


Data Domains

The data domain represents the collective view of similar interests and the information that an organization trusts


Data Requests

Teams that deal with customer feedback more often require access to different states of data to improve the business process and that requires the access requests on data


Data Platform Modelling

Building and deploying a data platform requires the automation to be handled in such a way that existing platform models continue to work without any external interruptions


Delivery of Data

Delivering useful insights of data that can lead to improving an existing platform or lead to new feature development


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Analytics Solutions for Enterprises

Take a look at faster decision-making framework approach


Data Domain

Based on domain understanding and ElixirData catalog growth team defines the business logic on their own as the ElixirData platform binds all the data schemas together, the business team is not dependent on any other team.


Domain understanding is high.


No dependency on any team.

Data Platform Modelling

The growth team and data analysts can parallelly start exploring the business models from a centralized data platform. In this, the Growth team starts building the logic on their own to figure out the best data that fulfills the business need.


The focus is highly made on what customers should expect.


An intelligent data catalog enables quick decision-making.


Data Requests

The growth team can request the data from the centralized access management tool inside ElixirData and can start exploring on their own. Generally, the growth team gives access to the catalog, which reads permission, so they can identify the connected points in the data.


Domain understanding is high.


Data understanding is also high.


No communication overhead.


Structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data channels are used.

Delivery of Data

The data here is available right away and there is no need to write complex structured queries or CTEs. The insights can deliver right away to the CTOs and CFOs by the growth team and upon approval, then only the development efforts are included and move to production.


Insights are available without any dependency.


Business logic first approach.


Data Fabric Solution will enable you to Augmented Intelligence


Xenonstack Data Fabric enables you to Augmented Intelligence Data brings the challenges for growth team and having an intelligent and centralized catalog in hand gives more convenience to the teams to identify the sustainable data and risks associated with it.
Xenonstack enables seamless workflow management of data and information across teams which reduces manual and deployment efforts just to make decisions. Experimenting with Governed Data Sets improves the Quality of business processes outcome and thus stabilizes the economic factors associated with it for redevelopment or infrastructure costs.

Operationalize Product
Data Lake


Augmented Intelligence

The inbox or ready-made augmented intelligence help identify the flaws and delivers useful insights time by time to keep the data platform more stable. It helps to enhance learning and quick decision-making.


Adaptive Data Governance

As the platform builds and teams start using it on a regular basis, the Xenonstack platform identifies the governance details of the system and made a further recommendation for the users of the platform. It aims to make people adopt governance.


Embedded data Governance and Privacy

Privacy is the core concern and the data governance platform embed privacy on top and helps protect the data platform and access control towards the data from unauthorized parties.

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