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A Space for Continuous Innovation in DevOps Engineering Practices

XenonStack University embodies continuous experimentation and outcome-driven innovation, with over 11 years of dedicated experience in crafting data-centric, in-house programs for driving workforce transformation.

About The Program

Understand embracing DevOps culture, adopting Agile processes and application delivery practices

Specialized Curriculum

Dive deep into DevOps principles, Agile methodologies, and cutting-edge tools to master the art of seamless software delivery and infrastructure management.

Project Opportunities

Apply your DevOps skills in real scenarios, collaborating with industry professionals on projects that simulate actual work environments and challenges.

Certified Instructors

Learn from certified DevOps experts who bring years of industry experience and best practices, guiding you towards becoming a proficient DevOps engineer.

Placement Opportunities

Unlock career opportunities with our placement assistance, connecting you with top organizations seeking skilled DevOps professionals for transformative projects.

Walkthrough Of The Program

Explore the DevOps Engineering program with hands-on training, industry projects, expert guidance, and promising career prospects


Quick Overview

Get a rapid grasp of DevOps essentials


Deep Understanding

Delve into advanced DevOps concepts and practices


Practical Experience

Engage in hands-on exercises for real-world application


Career Advancement

Elevate your skills for professional growth in DevOps

Top 9 DevOps Engineer Skills

Master the top 9 DevOps Engineer skills, from automation and infrastructure as code to CI/CD pipelines


Effective Collaboration

Foster communication skills vital for team and stakeholder interactions.


System Administration

Manage servers, databases, security, and network connectivity effectively.


DevOps Tool Mastery

Utilize various tools spanning infrastructure, development, monitoring, and operations.


Configuration Automation

Implement Chef, Puppet, or Ansible for seamless system configuration management.


Containerization Skills

Leverage Docker and container orchestration tools for efficient deployment.


CI/CD Automation

Automate software building, testing, and deployment with continuous integration and delivery tools.

Drive Cultural Change

Empower cultural change through scalable applications, refined development practices, and modernized automation strategies at XenonStack University

Focus on Application scalability

Understand managing and operating infrastructure development processes at scale.

Refine Software Development abilities

Discover in-depth about Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery development practices.

Develop Modernized Strategy

Harness the true capacities of automation and modern application development.

Foster Collaborative Culture

Encourage teamwork and communication for seamless integration of DevOps practices across teams and departments.

Get a 30-minutes, no cost strategy session with our Cloud Managed Expert

Gain valuable insights and explore pioneering strategies alongside our team of Experts.