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Big Data Strategy and Assessment Services

Get the most out of Data Driven Enterprises with DataOps Assessment.

Big Data Assessment and Strategy

Big Data Assessment and Strategy services for Infrastructure Planning, Big Data Management, Meta Data, Big Data Security, Monitoring and Managed Services for optimizing Big Data Infrastructure.

Talk with our experts for assessment on Big Data Migration and Big DataWarehousing. Big Data Consulting offerings –

  • Big Data Engineering
  • Big Data Catalog
  • Big Data Governance
  • Big Data Managed Services
  • Big Data Testing Services

Basic Parameters for Big Data

Big Data Security

It’s the collective term for all the measures and tools used to guard both the data and analytics methods from attacks, theft, or other malicious activities that could cause a problem or negatively affect them. Like other forms of attacks, big data can be compromised either by attacks originated from online or offline spheres.

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Big Data Governance

It is the process and management of data availability, usability, integrity, and data security used in an enterprise. It includes all the steps from storing the data to secure it from any mishap. It is not just only about technology. Responsible for the particular data asset along with the technology.

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Big Data Analytics

In Big Data, the Most Important V is Value, enabling enterprises to identify the Key Data. With Right Data, we can discover deep and actionable insights and make better predictive decisions with unbiased.

Big Data Analytics Techniques and Integrating Data from Different sources enable an organization to build Structured content from large and diverse data sets – structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data for Business Insights.

XenonStack provides Platform Strategy and Integration solution with Data discovery, Data Catalog, Metadata Platform, mathematical and statistical techniques to build models for Prediction and Optimization of Business Outcomes, transform Company’s Capabilities and develop a business-relevant analysis that can be used with the right technology architecture and capabilities.

Big Data Enterprise Architecture

It helps design the Data Pipeline with the various requirements of either the Batch Processing System or Stream Processing System. This architecture consists of 6 layers, which ensure a secure flow of data.

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Transforming to a Data Driven Enterprise

Enterprise Data Strategy and Consulting Solutions


  • Explore critical challenges and opportunities according to the type of industry
  • Confabulate all possible Big Data Use Cases
  • Distinguish IT Current State and plans
  • Formation of your organization's business targets


  • Evaluate the opportunities and challenges by scaling against the business trends
  • Compute and formulate business opportunities
  • Discover IT Current Environment and plans
  • Formation of your organization's business targets
  • Assess the impact on business operations


  • Strategy to address major bottlenecks
  • Overview of Big Data Concepts and Benefits
  • Priorities business need to achieve targets
  • Proposals for long and short term benefits
  • Recognize the possible deployment scheme

Contact for Big Data Readiness Assessment

How We Do?

It’s simple to get started.

XenonStack Business Case Identification Image

Business Case Identification

Our Technology Experts will a conduct readiness assessment for identifying the requirements and gaps for mapping goals.

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Solution Design

Our Solution Design Specialists help Enterprises to scale by providing solutions for building Implementation Design Strategy and Technology Road Map.

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Starting Implementation

We help clients to build an effective Implementation strategy with Team Identification and Scrum & Agile Methodology.