Implementing Sentiment Analysis with Text Mining

Text Analytics involves the conversion of unstructured data to extract insights including –

  • Online Reviews
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Entity Modeling
  • Fact-Based Decision Making
  • Improve Fraud Detection
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Concept Extraction
  • Entity Extraction
  • Text Summarisation
  • Emotional Intelligence

Real-Time Applications of Sentiment Analysis

  • Brand Monitoring
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  • Sentiment Classification
  • Sentiment Summarisation
  • Conversational Threads

Sentiment Analysis with Text Mining comprises of loading data, exploring data analysis, text cleaning, cleaning test data, cross-validation, evaluation metrics, factual based and feature-based analysis. Predictive future sentiment analysis, Contextual Advertising, Risk Management, Spam Filtering.