Building Big Data Based Healthcare Platform


Healthcare sector manages patient health as well as innovates medicine carving Health industry with Enterprise Data Warehouse, customizable Predictive Modelling, Cloud Driven Analytics, Customer-Centric Solutions, Healthcare Business Intelligence, Smart Healthcare insights, Predictive Analytics, high-performance computing, detection of diseases, bridging the gap between patient and hospital.


Big Data contributes to Healthcare in following ways –


  • Healthcare Tracking to track users statistics, Continuous Monitoring with sensor data collection, identification of health issues.
  • Adaptive Data Architecture and Data Warehouse solutions for efficient Healthcare services, quality, and operational services.
  • Prevention of Patient Self Harm and Prediction of Patient Utilization Patterns to avoid severe incidents by providing emergency departments and urgent centers with staff optimization.
  • Supply Chain Management to ensure better delivery and utilization using automated and Data-Driven solutions optimizing ordering process.
  • Data Security assurance to highlight intruder, perform Risk Scoring, Defense Management through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques.
  • Precision, Telemedicine and New Therapies for better treatments and disease predictions improving outcomes.
  • Patient Engagement and Satisfaction improving customer retention, long-term engagement as well as reducing risk.