Architecture for Scaling ArangoDb using Kubernetes

ArangoDb Kubernetes Operator manages deployments of ArangoDb database, provides persistent volumes on local storage, provides optimal storage performance.

Key Features of ArangoDb

  • Arango Search
  • Geo Index implementation
  • Binary Storage Format
  • RocksDb as Default Storage Engine
  • Reduction in Replication Time
  • Load Balance Support
  • AQL Query Profiling

Steps to Scale ArangoDb using Kubernetes

  • Install Kube-ArangoDb to deploy ArangoDb DataBase and Persistent Volumes on local storage.
  • Connect to database.
  • Deploy ArangoDb Cluster Database.
  • Utilize ArangoDeployment Resource for ArangoDb database deployment.
  • Use ArangoLocalStorage Resource to provide local Persistent Volumes for optimal performance.
  • Employ ArangoDeploymentReplication Resource for ArangoDb data centre configuration to data centre replication.
  • Use ArangoDb Kubernetes Operator to create ArangoDb Deployment.
  • Removal of existing ArangoDb Deployment deleting all data in deployment.
  • Removal of Operator by eliminating clusters followed by operator.