Overview of Managing Applications Using Prometheus and Grafana

Prometheus is best for open source Cloud Native Systems and service monitoring. The main component of Prometheus consists of Prometheus Server responsible for monitoring. It is a Time-Series database used to scrape data at regular intervals having container based infrastructure. It scrapes and stores data by HTTP pull and GET requests.

Grafana models collected data into useful and excellent dashboards for visualization. Web UI used for graph expressions and Alert Manager to trigger alerts from Prometheus Server.

Visualization layer with Grafana

Grafana is an open source software for Time-Series Analytics. It sets alert rules based on metrics data. On alert state change, it notifies through various channels.

Prometheus and Grafana Real-Time Applications

  • Banking Sector for performance reporting.
  • Alert Noise management through Prometheus Server.
  • Containers CheckUp.
  • Kubernetes Integration.
  • Software as a Service.
  • Data Storage and Migration.