Automation for Big Data and OpenStack Infrastructure

Quick Guide to Infrastructure Automation for Big Data and Kubernetes

Hadoop Cluster with OpenStack enables faster cluster provision and easy configuration. It provides Scale Up and Scales Down by demand supported by various plugins.

Big Data and OpenStack Infrastructure Automation yields –

  • Built-in security practices to protect data as well as insights.
  • Distribution of Workload on On-Premises, Private and Public Cloud.
  • Easier Cluster Monitoring.
  • Simple Deployment and flexible operation.

Top Challenges for Infrastructure Automation

  • Infrastructure configuration, provisioning, and deployment on a public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud.
  • Automation tools like Puppet and Ansible to automate the Provisioning, Deployment, and Configuration.
  • Manual Deployment And Scaling of Apache Hadoop, OpenStack Clusters is time-consuming.
  • Scaling the infrastructure is complicated due to configuration changes which are required at several places while adding or removing nodes.
  • Maintenance of Hadoop, OpenStack cluster is also cumbersome.
  • Configuration Management without Automation.
  • Manual Instance Migrations in OpenStack and Apache Hadoop
  • DR and Backup for OpenStack and Apache Hadoop.

Infrastructure Automation Solution Offerings

  • To address the challenges and explore the Infrastructure Automation tools Puppet and Ansible as an extensible platform to automate OpenStack and Apache Hadoop.
  • Solution based on Puppet and Ansible for Configuration Management, Deployment, provisioning of Apache Hadoop and OpenStack Cluster for On-Premises and Amazon Web Services Cloud.
  • Automate OpenStack Deployment using Puppet and Ansible.
  • Automate Apache Hadoop Cluster Deployment using Ansible.
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