Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Architecture


Multi-Cloud is a new emerging private cloud. Kubernetes is a clear winner compared to OpenStack. As we are in Cloud Native Applications world, the rise of microservices and scaling of applications is changing the face of deployments.


Kubernetes follows Container as a Service approach and is the best fit for installation of Kubernetes Cluster on Bare Metal Servers and Virtual Machines run on Public Clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform as well as OpenStack for Private Clouds.


Hybrid Cloud approach involves on-premises dedicated servers hosted with Public Cloud Provider for development applications, business functions, Human Resources, and accounts handling. You can also learn more about multi-cloud strategy and management in this insight.

Supremacy of Multi and Hybrid Cloud involve –


  • Elimination of DDOS(Distributed Denial of Service) Attacks
  • Data Management
  • Increased Security and Reduction in Risk
  • Cost Optimization
  • Similar to Private Cloud