Building Enterprise Private Cloud using Kubernetes with OpenStack

Getting Started with Kubernetes


Kubernetes is one of the best containers to modernize application design without any infrastructure management.


  • Follows Write Once, Run everywhere approach. OpenStack performs alignment, sharing of network and storage.
  • Deployment of Kubernetes cluster can be executed by facilitation on OpenStack resources.
  • Kubernetes provides a platform to deploy Cloud Native applications having high availability to compute, store and network.


Challenge for Building an Enterprise Private Cloud


Building an Enterprise Private Cloud for Healthcare Application.


  • Enterprise Private Cloud provides flexibility for managing development, staging and production environments.
  • Private Cloud Support Containers and Big Data -Apache Hadoop for building Analytics Platform.
  • DR and BackUp for the Private Cloud
  • Enterprise Security Policies and Implementation with LDAP
  • CIS, HIPAA Compliance for both Containers and OpenStack


Solution Offered for Enterprise Private Cloud


OpenStack Compute for InfraStructure as a Service, OpenStack Magnum for Container as a Service, OpenStack Sahara for Big Data Analytics and Ceph for Storage.


  • OpenStack Pike release and Jewel for Ceph
  • OpenStack Magnum deploys and manages clusters of hosts for a container orchestration engine.
  • Sahara provides users with a simple means to provision Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark and Apache on OpenStack.
  • Infrastructure Automation using Ansible
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