Analyzing E-learning Platform with AI and ML Model

What are the Challenges in E-learning Industry?

E-Learning is an addition or support to regular class E-learning’s. The main motive is not to replace traditional teaching but to enhance and support certain aspects, to improve universal teaching quality. E-learning is trending; organizations provide different courses at a very low price. The competition is rising per day, and it is challenging to retain your students for the long run. Even due to covid-19, demand for E-learning is increasing with high speed. So, it’s difficult for organizations to manage a large amount of data and find insights from them, like which course is most viewed by students, through which channel to reach out to us, and for which course we have maximum users.

Why is E-Learning important?

A variety of E-Learning courses are available in the market, so it is difficult for students to select the best courses. It is also difficult for an E-learning organization to retain its students. Without E-Learning analysis, organizations are not aware of courses and students, like which courses have maximum students. It will help get a broader idea of things like; number of Views on different courses and channel preference. By doing a proper analysis, we can attract more students and generate more revenue through dashboard insights.

What is the Solution?

Through the modern machine learning model, you will get summarised information of users’ count for a particular E-learning course and the type of teaching like whether it is a virtual class or on-site learning. This will represent the number of views on different courses and channels users use to reach out. For this, we have collected data on student’s actions and performance in each course viewed by them. Here prediction model will predict revenue generated this year and views on a particular course.


E-learning Analytics Dashboard

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