Implementing BlockChain for Supply Chain and Retail

  • BlockChain refers to chain of secured blocks connected to each other promoting decentralisation without Single Point of Failure. BlockChain functions and verifies data between computer systems ensuring data integrity.
  • Indispensable aspects of BlockChain includes transparency and distributed approach.BlockChain will interpret and analyze the data of customers, will elicit response on accomplishment of certain requirements.
  • Implementation of Secure E-commerce portal can reveal whole history of products and customer data reducing man power as well as bad customer experiences.

BlockChain Applications in Retail

  • Decentralised Platform
  • Better Payment Approach
  • Transparency and Integrity of DataBases
  • Fraud Prevention and Duplicacy Removal

BlockChain for Supply Chain Management

  • Track and Automate Transactions at Real-Time
  • Contracts of self -execution
  • Power Generation
  • Smart IoT applications