Complete Guide to Cloud Migration


Cloud Migration Includes

  • Remote Collaboration
  • Integration with other services
  • Built-In Status Monitoring
  • Scalability and Agility
  • Minimizes Operation costs
  • SetUp Multi-region Infrastructure
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery systems
  • Cloud Computing Models handle administrative tasks
  • Code level visibility

Top Challenges for MicroServices Application Migration

  • To discover, capture, and analyze detailed data about Cloud Migration.
  • Identify servers and applications and their interdependencies and current (baseline) performance metrics.
  • Determine application connectivity and capacity requirements, to design and architect the Oracle Cloud environment.

Solutions Offerings for AWS to Oracle Cloud Migration

  • Identify server and application dependencies, analyze the network connectivity data, port connections, and system and process info on the hosts.
  • Graph all the connections from a server to identify its dependencies.
  • Group servers and applications for migration scheduling and identify patterns in host configurations.
  • Analyze the performance metrics for servers and applications.
  • During the migration process, change the application and infrastructure architecture of the existing system to implement DevOps Approach.

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