Magento is an open-source CMS that gives business owners an opportunity to expand their business operations in the digital e-commerce world. Magento is flexible, scalable and easy to customize.


Setting up Continuous Delivery Pipeline helps you roll out your Magento Application to Development, Staging, and Production environment in Microsoft Azure automatically.


Microsoft Azure is well suited for deployment of Magneto based projects as it provides scalability, security, and reliability with 27x7 uptime.


Gitlab is a web-based repository manager for storing Magento’s source code and Jenkins is an open-source automation server used to automate the software development process with Continuous Integration and facilitating the technical aspects of Continuous Delivery.



Problem Statement


  • Build a highly available, scalable production environment to deploy Magento projects on Microsoft Azure.

  • Build CI/CD pipeline to do an automatic deployment for development, staging/release and production environment.



Solution Offered


To overcome client’s business challenge, we used Azure, Magento, MySQL DB, caching storage & Jenkins.


Microsoft Azure

  • We created Azure virtual machines (Ubuntu 16.04), VPC(using Azure Virtual Network ) & Network security groups.



  • We are using GitLab as a central place for storing client’s Magento projects’ code.



  • Jenkins act as CI server & builds the artifacts which we can deploy to Magento environment in Azure VMs.

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Magento Community Edition 2.0, LAMP Stack, PHP Composer, Gitlab, Jenkins, Microsoft Azure, MySQL

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